Snow Day Yay



Here is a Kara shaped dent in a snowdrift 6 feet tall outside one of the sheds.

This week has been stressful and relaxing and weird and wonderful and confusing with moments of beauty and sweetness. Some things that I love about this week!

1. Being an official honorary Newfie!


We had our christmas party at work on sunday night in the middle of a blizzard. Outside the wind was howling like a banshee but inside we were laughing and drinking. Candles flickered away in mason jars on every surface as we ate a beautiful christmas dinner feast of roast turkey and salads and fresh rolls. I spent most of the week baking treats in my spare moments and snuck in on my day off on sunday with CB to assemble a MOUNTAIN of baked goods! There was brown butter chocolate chip cookies, gingersnap jam jams, palmiers, fudge studded with bright candied cherries and green pistachios, honeycomb, brownies, vanilla marshmallows, gingerbread men, candied orange slices, seabuckthorn curd bars and soft buttery brioche doughnuts rolled in cinnamon sugar. I also made smoked blue cheese puff pastry cheese straws and blueberry pork sausage rolls.. those barely made it out of the kitchen.

The best thing I made though, was a giant gingerbread salt box house with yellow siding and red trim, and it even lights up and glows out of the caramel windows in a vaguely creepy haunted house kind of way. CB came in all day with me and helped me finish it. He even put his drywall skillzz to use and plastered the roof expertly with royal icing and applied chocolate graham cracker shingles. It looked pretty awesome. Everyone looked so happy and so full, everyone was in good spirits and it was the nicest company christmas party Ive ever been t0.

But my favourite part was being “screeched in”. It was a surprise when the called about a dozen of us”mainlanders” up in front of everyone, CB included. One at a time, we stoond up, put on a crazy costume so you look like Captain Highliners demented sister, state who you are and where you come from, and stick your bare foot in a bucket of freezing cold sea water. Then you take your foot out and peel the strings of seaweed off your foot while you try to mumble back the insane newfie gibberish thats being said to you while everyone laughs. And then, you kiss a whole cod fish. On the mouth. A cods lips are strangely soft and yielding.. and salty. Very salty. And if you are me, and your making out with a dead fish is deemed impassionate, you pull your hair down, take it by both delicious cheeks and  give it a proper one. Eat a piece of balogne, or Newfie Steak, take a shot of screech, and then you are a Newfie! Everyone was pretty toasted by that point so it got pretty hilarious at times.

After the party had quieted down, and after about 3 double whiskeys on the rocks, CB and I took on the task of cleaning my shit show of a kitchen. When you’re making a 4 foot tall gingerbread house in one afternoon, things get.. messy. Especially when the roof falls off halfway through and gets royal icing everywhere. There was red icing, yellow fondant, jube jubes and cookie crumsb on every surface. You know, you’d think you’d clean better when you’re drunk but thats not true. Its a whole lot harder. And we gave up and went home!


Snow snow snow!


Our front door this morning. CB had the good idea of packing snow all around the house to insulate it. It actually worked pretty well!


IMG_6435The other thing that I like about this week.. I got to SPEND MY TURKEY BUCKS!!! On a big mama turkey! Named Victor.


Isnt he beautiful, my little orange dindon. I have been saving turkey bucks since October and finally cashed them in. We will have a turkey for christmas that only cost us five bucks. WOOOOO!

To celebrate our good fiscal sense, I blew our money on some ice cream!


Its chocolate fudge ripple with peanut butter cups and it rocks my socks off. Also, look at how freaking wee the PB cups are!!


I was briefly fucking pissed at how stingy and small they were, until I realized how they are nearly IMPOSSIBLY small to still be filled ith peanut butter and yet, they are! Crazy! Can you tell what colours my gingerbread house was.. my hands are going to be red and yellow forever..

And now its time for..


Extra strength to combat the extra strength of my butt problem later on tonight… eeee..


And I also love GETTING PRESENTS IN THE MAIL! This is a glittery christmas tree candle from CB’s mum!

Another thing I like.. is driving through Joe Batts and slowing down to let an old man with an axe cross the road, to my left a family is playing hockey on a patch of frozen ice and everyones chimneys are smoking away. The most canadian moment of my life. Sometimes living here feels like living in a perpetual Tim Hortons commercial.

I love.. CB coming into work with me late into the night to keep my company while I baked. We picked up some hotdogs, a bag of dill pickle chips and some rootbeer and had a work sleepover pop and chips party and it was wicked awesome.

I love.. the smell of CB cooking meatloaf. With crushed up leftover dill pickle chips and mayonnaise in it, glazed with ketchup & honey and then covered in mozzarella cheese. Killer.

I love.. fish sticks for dinner!

I love… taking showers at work when our pipes freeze. No, not really, its uncomfortable. But I do love using it as an excuse to have breakfast at the inn. Nothing makes life worth living again like hot coffee and eggs benedict. Expecially as this eggs benny had cured pork belly and smoked fish, mmmmmmm. We also dined in the library by the fire because the dining room is freezing cold. It was really nice. We got to chat to people and got invited out to everyones cabin this winter which was awesome. I noticed the library has atleast 8 copies of Gordon Pinsents memoir, haha. Oh Gordon.. so charming.. I would marry you.. if you wanted me too.. CB would understand.

I love.. SLIPPERS! Oh my god. Do I ever love slippers.

I love.. eating jam from CB’c Nan out of the jar with a spoon until he yells at me for wasting it.

I love.. watching the way the snow moves here, making great drifts and swirling around in snow devil. It makes the shape of waves and its impossible not to destroy natures perfect sculptures by jumping on it butt first.

I love.. my chef demanding insane desserts that defy physics and logic while I nod and say no problem while secretly crying inside hahaaa

I love, my kitchen crew. They are just such a bunch of bloody chefs, you know what I mean, but they’re mine, and I love’m

I love whiskey…. possibly too much..

I love that this is my 600th post.

I love going to bed… goodnight!


Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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