Raw Power, Raw Data


RRRrrraaoooowwrr Power!!

So seeing as CB and I just finished off that tub of ice cream I blogged about what, yesterday??? I thought it would be a good time to share with you our progress in our strength training endeavours.

To communicate the data to you, I have chosen BAR GRAPH FORMAT! Because graphs are off the charts!

Hahahahaha! Okay look at this..



As shown here in this graph, my general strength is on the rise. Where will my red line end?? How are will it go?? Who knows. Perhaps my strength is limitless. As you can see, my overhead press is pretty wimpy but I can deadlift my own bodyweight and do 25 squatrs with very nearly a hundred pounds on my back. That makes me feel pretty nifty. With this new found power I have been given the gift of slightly less jello-y arm bits and the all consuming compulsion to scream “DO YOU EVEN LIFT???” at anyone who contradicts anything I say, no matter how minor. Its a good thing.

My Goals for the next month:

– Get my overhead press above 60lbs

– Deadlift 200 pounds

– Focus on my form, especially on deadlifts

– Get to the gym twice a week minimum

– Eat clean. I have noticed that when I eat garbage I have no strength in me at all, and I’m really addicted to being stronger every time I do a work out so I have to get only the good stuff in me.

– Stop crying and pooping my pants after every deadlift…

Ultimate Goal

– To be the worlds strongest pastry chef. WAHAHAHA! Just kidding, its to be a street fighter.


CB’s Graphitude!







I chose Wolverine as CB’s graph icon because he is lean and strong, hates everybody, likes hanging out in the woods by himself, has a thing for red heads and they have the same haircut. Also CB is also punching up pandas.


So his graph is way better than mine. Because.. he goes to the gym twice as much. Argh! He can deadlift almost 300 pounds which is amazing, especially to watch. His face does all kinds of crazy things!

Goals for the next month:

– To have better form, so I dont hurt myself

– Deadlift more than my bodyweight

Ultimate Goal

– To reach a level of muscle mass where the amount of muscle on my body regulates the amount of fat on my body.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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