All The Good Stuff


Merry Late Christmas Everybody!

I spent my christmas working like a dang ol’ merry joy filled slave of yuletide spirit, so CB and I are having our Christmas this weekend. So.. many cookies, so much.. hot chocolate.. oh god..

We just made a beautiful dinner of the BEST turkey of my life so far ala CB, gingerale carrots (my fav, also ala CB), cranberry sauce, creamy buttery mashed potatoes and fresh rolls. I also broke into my christmas whiskey and chocolate stash.


How christmasy is that! Its like a little alter of Christmastness. I was just standing there staring at it lovingly when CB was like “what the hell are you doing over there smiling like that?” I just LIKE IT OKAY!


This is a picture of our last big bad for us dinner, roast chicken and doughnuts. The doughnuts we actually took to a party. But not after eatin a couple. We may or may not have dipped them into the chicken fat drippings in the pan. Best thing ever.


Nope actually, this is the best thing ever. After such a hell of a long ass week, this was a really nice thing to end it with. I made white bread and rolls, and saved some dough for toutons. Thats just balls of white bread thrown into a hot buttery pan and squished a bit. So good with butter and syrup. Like a pancake times a million.

We also were invited to a dinner at the Inn. It was so nice. Just a few of us, sitting at a long table, passing food and sharing stories. I had goose! And a bird called a Turr. Its a cute northern bird that looks kinda of like a penguin and is related to the Auk. It also happens to be super delicious. It’s meat is dark and tasty. The texture of moist chicken, and tastes like slightly fishy roast beef. That sounds gross actually, but its really nice. Also we had beautifully cooked fresh cod with butter sauce, scrunchions and mustard pickles. Tiny baby brussel sprouts and winter chard. I made big fluffy cloverleaf rolls for everyone, with home made butter to melt all over them. For dessert I made Lassie Jam tarts. That is a pie made with a ginger & black tea cookie dough crust with partridge berry jam as the filling and a lattice top and whipped creme fraiche for on top. There was also blueberry figgy duffs baked in cast iron pans with butter rum sauce. Really traditional Newfoundland baking! My favourite kind. And cookies, tons of cookies! It was a really nice night and I was so happy we were invited. It was sad not to able to be home having nice dinners with our families, but that was a pretty good stand in.

I also opened all my christmas presents!!!! Well, I still have some in the mail from the famdango so I’ll wait to post pictures of all my awesome presents. Because I love presents and showing off.

But now I must sleep, goodnight y’alls!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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