Presenting: Presents


Mail is my favourite. It’s right there up on the list of Cool Reasons To Be Alive along with grocery shopping, cheese, and winning contests. Yesterday I got a package from the parents! It was filled with, well, mostly more and angrier letters to me from the government, oops, and also PRESENTS!

A CD of pictures from my mom. Lots of pics of the fam out on the lake on the boat, and dinners, fall drives through the woods and the garden during summer, and nice stuff like that. We watched them as a slideshow on my PS3 and it was rad. CB even pretended to be interested in a whiskey fuled impromptu slideshow of family photos at 9 o’clock at night! There was pictures of me with short purple hair riding around my grams cottage on my sisters tiny motorcycle which I will treasure forever.

When we would visit my Nanny and Bapa I would usually nag them into pulling out the projector and showing slides of them with my tiny baby mom. All blonde hair and rosy cheeks, dressed up for church with little gloves on, or being a babe drinking coke with her poodle by the pool. Slides of my Bapa carving a turkey wearing one of my Nans wigs. My nan posing elegantly in front of various objects. Vacations with my moms cousin Sabine from Germany pointing at things excitedly. Some creepy shots of my mom is pigtails and knee high socks tramping around a miniature village like a 70’s Godzilla monster girl. I saw those slides so many times I probably know every one by heart. It reminded me of that and it was nice. Next CD mom, you should send me some of those pics!

My brother sent me a copy of Neil Gaimans Black Orchid which has pretty arts in it. I stayed up late looking at the pictures, and forgetting to read the words. Its super 80’s, and I’m digging it.

My dad mispelled “Joe Batt’s Arm”on the package to “Joe BUTT’s Arm” which made me laugh a lot.

But the most mindblowing thing in the package was this fucking gorgeous leather book my sister made for me.


Look at how perfect the stitching is. It must have taken her hours and hours and hours. I like the thought of someone spending hours hurting their fingertips all for me! GLORIOUS ME!

My sister makes these insane leather creations and gives them away to people like it ain’t no thang. Remember my bear bag? Yeah. Well thats not even the tip of the hard-sewn ice berg. Look what she made my brother for his birthday for his televisual bidness.


Check it out! A notepad for notes, a pocket to keep folders with his scripst in it, a USB pocket, pockets for his business cards, sticky notes and pens! I was so freaking jealous. I wanted one for me SO BAD! But with my sister, if you ask her to make you something, she gets a mental block and can’t do it. It has to be a gift, and her idea. So I didn’t say anything, and bided my time..

During that time she’s gotten better, faster, stronger.. and now look what I HAVE! I’s now one of my top most precious 5 objects in the world.


And look! It’s just a jacket so you can remove the book!

I decided to use it to transcribe and keep only my most tried and true recipes.


This is me finally using a present CB got me for christmas before we went to NZ. Its a set of Noodler’s Inks made by a retired chemist in the States that are waterbased, perfectly ph balanced and light safe. He makes them to fund his catfish noodling endeavours. And a set of colourful refillable fountain pens.  The two went together nicely.


Filling them up for the first time in over a year. It felt nice. The black ink is my favourite


My new recipe book! My old one has seen better days. Escpecially after the Great Fudge Debacle of 2013, where I poured molten fudge over most of the pages. The recipes in there were scrawled hastily in whatever pen, pencil, felt tip, highlighter, stick of chocolate etc I had available at the time so they are barely readable now. Its time to go on the shelf. It also stinks… it stinks a lot.



Superfudged. My coworkers will tell you about how awkward it was watching my cry over my book getting fudge on it. None of them know what to do. Not even a piece of fudge would console me.

Thats the fudge recipe there! Its actually pretty rocking too, that one is going in the new one.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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