To The Pier And Back


We we bored, so we went out to the pier. And then back.

It’s been like a winter hellscape here this week, much like the rest of north america I suppose, but today the sun it out and the temperatures have mellowed out a bit. It’s still probably not fit for human beings to exist in weather like this, but it’s more sufferable. I can go outside in my snowsuit without screaming and screaming all the way to the car.

We’ve also been making an effort to keep the car a bit toastier. It’s very unhappy here. It wants to go back to its nice warm safe garage in Montreal where it was only driven to Temple. The snow is so fine it just blows in and packs every centimetre of space with the fluffy white devil. Seriously, pop the hood and you cant even tell we have an engine in there. So we’ve been going for week drives. We just went out to Tilting, about 15 minutes away. It was pretty and sunny so I got out and took some pictures at the end of the pier.


The rocks mark the end of the pier, then that white landscape between us and the multicoloured parade of houses is the frozen ocean. The top is frozen and is still moving steadily. If you stand still it feels like the pier is moving very fast through the water and made me want to blorch in my snow pants. Really trippy.


Some of these ovals of snow get built up a few feet high and look really cool. Tall smooth cylinders bobbing around on the ocean.



Some dinghys or doohickeys or some kind of dongle.



Walking back to the car. Thats the firehall there. All the firemen on the island are volunteers. It seems like everybody’s dad or husband is a firefighter.


CB just set down a PLATTER of hotdogs and a pot of Kraft Dinner. You’ll have to excuse me for the rest of the afternoon.




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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