Peanut Day!



This weekend has been wicked. I had a birthday, so now I’m a whole year wiser. Like a sage or some kind of sensei. This became evident in our preparation, we were very smart– Ive never had my birthday off since I started working actually, so I planned to party hardcore. We got the staples.. ice cream cake, case of beer, a bag of McCain spicy curly fries, an industrial tub of epsom salts, a bottle of lactaid and downloaded a bunch of just.. terrible, terrible movies.

I woke up to Happy Birthdays from CB— oy that sounds like a euphemism for something, hahaha. No he just said happy birthday. And made me a sweet ass breakfast, followed by slices of ice cream cake, a hot shower and a nap. We went for a long drive because it was sunny and thats one of our favourite things to do together, like a couple of olds. I saw a huge fox, and it looked right at me with a serious stink eye. I took some pictures of some COOL ice and stuff.

Did I mention during my birthday weekend, every hour is potentially beer o’clock? It’s been great. I feel good, all the time!


The highlight was making some serious Kara soul food though. My nan’s Macaroni and Cheese which I havent eaten in probably a decade or so. It’s very special, classic family recipe. I requested it most birthday, with a loaf of french bread and fancy drinks and black forest cake. Food for me is like eating with the person I associate it with. Its rarely the meal they are most proud of, but just something that had once made for me with love that is the strongest memory. My sister is tuna sandwiches at night, my brother is salmon, my nan is something I call Mush, or this macaroni and cheese. My bapa is ice cream cones, or fried wontons in the backseat of the car. My mom and dad are in every meal I make, it’s either a mom meal or a dad meal. Mom meals involve a beautiful main meat with lots of sides and make a ton of dishes. Dad meals are one pot cheese covered masterpieces, like imprompu cheese souffle or Hotdog & Hamburger casserole. Or mixing all the jell-o’s together in the name of science. Anyway, food is special, we all know that, but this dish is SUPER special. Sadly, I couldn’t remember her secret recipe, I had never written it down. Lucky for me, I found it on the inside of the Velveeta box!


Only the finest cheeses come mixed together into a sherbert coloured cheese paste and formed into brick shapes! Mmmm.. Velveeta. When I was 14 I wanted to legally change my name to Velveeta. Viva Velveeta actually, I though the double V made me sound exotic and edgy.


CB was super dubious that Velveeta could be used to make a food, but when he took a bite he looked like he was going to cry. I think I heard angels, and trumpets. It was perfect, just like I remembered. I didnt have time to make bread so we just had curly fries, which were unnecessary.


The REAL good stuff is the next morning though, when you cut a hunk of the congealed cheesy macaroni mess out of the bowl and fry it up in a pan, browning all the cheese.. oh my god. That was our breakfast, with leftover meatballs. And then we slipped into a coma and had a hot nap for an hour before the cheese melted out of blood for a bit and we could move our limbs again.


ICE CREAM CAKE! I’m 29 years old..

P.S if your new years resolution has had you eating salad with strained yoghurt sputum and goji berries on it, hahaha fuck you. You don’t need to lose anymore, silly! You have already lost.


I wanted to document the longest curly fry and Im just including this blurry picture to annoy CB because while I was trying to be a serious photojournalist he was yelling at me about lighting and taking picture of a nasty brown string in front of a nasty brown wall and then started chasing me around the house while I screamed like a chimpanzee with a mouth full of curly fries. Haha CEEBS ITS POSTED NOW, EVERYONE CAN SEE IT! Mmm seu cronchy delicious.

Fuck this coffee is effective. *Cranks the Roy Orbison and sets my LUNGS TO STUN!*


Oh lol right I also wanted to show you this. Yesterday morning CB started breakfast (by apparently just cranking the burner up with an empty cast iron pan on it) and went to get dressed. While he was gone I was sitting here minding my own business, checking my stock portfolio online.. watching a tea cup pig on a treadmill… he came back in the room and yelled WTF PEANUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU CAN’T YOU SEE THE SMOKE?! And I looked up and was like.. wha.. no.. wha? Look at this pig doing a work out it’s so cute! It says he is working on his HAMstrings can you believe this!

This was the kitchen, after airing it out:


What can I say, I’m really into pigs, especially those inspiring others to take on a healthier lifestyle.

Yeah but mostly Ive just been maxxin’ and relaxxin’, getting my stress out. Catching up on the internet, hanging with CB, avoiding my homework. Yesterday I popped into work to do a for real real life photoshoot for a little old magazine called Chatelaine with the dudes, which was fun. I felt like The Tragically Hip or something. I walked in with hair that was washed, brushed and BLOW DRIED and everyone was like woah shit Kara you have hair. I remember my dad telling me that I am actually pretty when I brush my hairs, and it finally paid off! CB used to say my hair was like a yellow smoke around my head. Charmer, eh?

Anyway it was a pretty cool birthday. I got nothing I wanted but everything I needed. Yes mocha mud slide ice cream cake is a need.

Woah I bypassed the sugar jar and just dumped my sugar in straight from the bag. This will be my dessert coffee, to follow my breakfast coffees. Yeah. Yeah.



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

6 thoughts on “Peanut Day!”

  1. Happy birthday! I’m glad you ate up a storm of serious Kara soul food.

    I bless you with the magic that every mouthful of food you eat over the next few days will not affect the scales. Please enjoy, the magic wears off after about a week.

    1. Thanks Genie! And thank you for the magic. I have been using some sorcery myself to avoid it affecting the scales.. I never buy one. And only seem to buy pants with draw strings, because *FASHION*

      1. I have never owned scales either. But I do weight myself at the doctors and if I’m at a party and I notice the scales in the bathroom. I wear a lot of dresses these days. Even better than stretchy pants!

      2. I have definitely drunkenly weighed myself at a party as well! And dresses you say.. I am not allowed to wear those because I always forget people can see my underpants when Im flailing all over like a lunatic..

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