Sweet Dreams are Made Of Cheese


1369Loin T-Bone Steak

Mmm Raw T-Bones, best rap name ever..

It might be all the cheese before bed but been having crazy dreams. One the night before last, CB and I were chopping up some raw steaks together in this entirely pink kitchen and he turned to me and said with sudden revelation “Oh! Kara, I didn’t realize but your face is actually beautiful.” I looked up and replied “Yeah I know, I have a classically beautiful face” just matter of fact, and continued chopping. That dream exchange made me laugh muchly.

Apparently dreaming about raw meat is a sexual thing.. but dreaming about anything means you want to have sex with your mom or you’re pissed off you don’t have a penis so meh.



Last night I dreamed CB and I were taking a stroll by a lake and we saw two huge bears. Naturally CB ran over the frozen lake to go play with them, and one of them started chasing him. He ran up all excited that the bear was chasing him, like you would play with a dog, only it was a 1 tonne grizzly.

We ran to my Nan’s townhouse and my Nan opened the door to let us in, I was panicked and CB was laughing like a little kid that this bear was chasing him around, and they ran all over the house “playing”. Watching giant dream CB dressed all in plaid play with a snarling grey bear was freaky.

I hid my Nan in a closet while I tried to think of an escape route and pleaded with CB to stop playing with this fucking giant bear that was destroying the house and ate 2 neighborhood dogs that came to bark at them. Finally CB ran out to the balconey and went to hug the bear like best chum pals. The bear clubbed him in the face and gingerly pushed his limp body off the balconey, killing him in a crackle of all kinds of bones. And I was like.. fuck it. I knew that was going to happen, goddamn. And I woke up, still annoyed with him for playing with that fucking bear!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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