I got a package in the mail today! It was PRESENTS! I love, getting mail, and I love, getting presents!

One day I will actually get home with enough time to actually call you to say thank you! The card made me laugh. I do like rum….

I always get these packages from CB’s mum and I dont think she actually wants me to open them because they are wrapped with an insane amount of packing tape. They are definitely waterproof, and as I found out this afternoon mostly Steak Knife proof! But I persevered and got it open. Inside there was 2 boxes of super yum tea. I drank a cup of the chocolate hazelnut one out of this poor lady’s head, in between bites of pork chop and sips of beer. Its nice!


I’ve been thinking about switching careers and writing young adult sci-fi fantasy novels. So, ya know panda’s right? They are super cute, and terrible at making more of themselves. So what if we started cloning them? Everyone would want a panda! We could genetically engineer tiny tea cup pandas! They would replace puppies! Only we would have to start growing bamboo all over the place to feed them. But bamboo grows 6 inches a minute or some crazy thing like that, so soon the earth would be shrouded in a thick bamboo forest, and the pandas would rule! We would be slaves to their bumbling panda butts! It would be the end of man kind, we would slowly start to die off because we are terrible at eating bamboo. Soon we would only be in zoos until one day… pandas discover cloning..


Do you see where Im going with this.. yeah. Science Fiction. Easy.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

One thought on “Panboozled”

  1. Too funny!!! I voted for Pandoo because I’m a simpleton and two syllables is the most my blonde little brain can consume. I would love a tea cup panda! I’d kick my fat ass cat to the curb so fast and she’d be all like “fuck a damn panda”.

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