Crystal Planet


When I was little my dad had an annoying habit, amoung millions, of always recounting to us the entire plot lines of the books he was reading. We would groan and feign interest while fidgeting around and thinking about what kind of chips we were going to eat later instead. He told me about this one sci fi, of a planet of crystal based life forms, and I thought it actually sounded cool. Gem like insects and simple animals all made from moving crystals. I was thinking about that today while I was walking around taking some pictures. We have recently had a great thaw here that was so warm and nice that some people had the fantasy that winter was over. It’s January in Canada, winter ain’t over, the bitch is just getting started. But it’s been a very nice couple of weeks. Unless you’re driving. Everything is covered in a shell of ice. You tend to just drive right over into the ditch.

You can see the world warming as the sun started coming through the clouds during my walk


It starts off looking very moody and gloomy, but there was a nice breeze and the air was calm.


I was seduced away from the house with my camera by this particular branch, covered in ice. I thought its perpendicular branches made a nice pattern and I needed to document it FOR THE WORLD!


Cute little bobble headed grasses, stalks straining under the weight of their ice covered heads.


Just some grass, shining and crackling in their pretty little ice suits.



Sugar doughnut!


Little pine cones encased in ice, dripping away in the sunshine.


The telephone poles were coated, and I very nearly got hit with a long stick of ice falling off from the cables. Bah!


All the trees were stooped over and tired looking, but shining brilliantly golden in the sunlight peeking out from the clouds.


A crystal tuft!


Frosty bones under frosty ‘stones.


This is what I imagined a crystalline life form would look like! Moppish and shiny, and we would be best friends!


A snow storm being born over the ocean.


The little islands.


Icecicles melting onto green grass is so pretty it even makes me want to take a picture of our garbage can.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

4 thoughts on “Crystal Planet”

  1. Wow. Stunning pics little lady. I think a planet of crystal ice forms would be an awesome place to live. I gotta say, as beautiful as your neck of the woulds is, I’ll stick to warm, south Georgia. It’s a balmy 48F and I’m hoping to start a fire in the brick fireplace tonight, get drunk and eat burnt marshmallows. Will be thinking of you!!!

  2. I’ve always planned to visit Georgia! CB and I are actually planning a fantasy motorcycle trip down to Georgia, to eat all your food. So, watch out, if you see two hapless canadians asking where all the grits and julips is. Jealous of your marshmallow and fire and warm weather.. We baked a picnic ham, drank some rye and went to bed.. not nearly as romantic an evening.. well.. ham is actually pretty romantic.

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