Day Off Day


Its my favourite day of the week today. DAY OFF DAY! Also grocery day.

We just got our hydro bill, a whopping 3x what it has been, and I went immediately into fetal position. The last few weeks have been super rough on our heating, with the -30 weather couples with the 60km/hr winds it has just blown the heat out of our little steel box house as fast as we could generate it. Wearing 2 pairs of socks and slippers and sweaters and housecoats and hats didn’t even seem to help. So that is a bunch of poo.

Despite our belts having to be pulled even more tightly that we can hardly breathe, we still did a solid grocery shop! My fav. We did go a little over budget but once I got home I figured we had over 2 weeks of meals. So we will skip grocery day entirely next week. Due to budget constrictions and general fatness I have been trying to lay of the treats as well and opted for just one, tiny, 33gram bag of mini eggs. I have been skulking around the house like a predator looking for something sweet. You can’t even imagine my reaction to remembering my mini eggs! I exploded in what I will call “the Little Fat Girliest” display so far. But now they are gone.. and I need more.. I NEED THAT SWEET WHITE STUFF!

Anyway.. CB has just put a gorgeous picnic ham in the oven and delivered to my armchair a hot cup of chai with lots of milk so that is just going to have to be enough for me. Just gotta hack it! JUST GOTTA HACK IT! I’ve got a pot of turkey bones and veggie scraps simmering it’s way to a beautiful soup stock and this house is about the smell HARDCORE.

Work has slowed down some but I still seem to be as busy. Amidst everything else I have been making gallons of hot chocolate, pans upon pans of vanilla marshmallows and so many cookies for dunking. That’s it really for updates for me. I’m pining away for spring, when I can start doing some sweet pretty desserts. I never thought I would say this, but I’m getting bored of doughnuts and apples.

Oh! We finally went to the new cafe/bakery on the island! We had a cinnamon bun and a butter tart with coffee. It was nice. CB got a call the next day to come in and work a day so the owner could spend some time roasting his coffee. He was the worst waitress. But still managed to make all the tips for charming all the old ladies. I think they enjoyed being waited on by a giant bearded man in an apron his mum made for him. I was so proud. Mm… bakery… maybe CB wouldnt notice if I quielt got the keys and got my sugar on with a warm piece of pie down the street.. no one has to know.. it can be my little pie secret..




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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