What’s In Your Fridge?


My family can tell you, I’ve always had a thing about fridges. CB will tell you it verges on mental illness, but that’s another story. My dad used to say that for me “home is where the fridge is.” Ya know, like the fridge replaces the heart. I just am happiest when my fridge is clean, and full of fresh food is all! My fridge is nearly a direct reflection of my soul. If it’s empty and dirty, I feel empty and dirty.

I could probably wax philosophical about fridges all day but damn it, I think your fridge says more about you then most things. I have been meaning to do a post of What’s In Your Fridge for a while now. I plan on doing a What’s In Your Fridge post every season, to see how our diet changes!

There’s a photographer, Mark Menijar, who spent years photographing peoples fridges as a kind of self portrait and I think it’s bloody fascinating.

Here’s a link to an article in the Daily Mail UK.

And another article on Slate.com, with “Then & Now” pictures. So cool.

So here is my fridge, and what’s in it..

Keep in mind that its grocery day, so its abnormally full. Also keep in mind, that we have a very small budget, there’s a very small selection of vegetables available on the island in the winter, and CB is a giant. We try to buy exactly enough for the week, and REALLY try to eat absolutely everything before the next round of groceries. Except in the case of that sweet potato.. that one is vintage.

It usually looks just like this, because we buy pretty much the same things every week. All thats missing is bacon because it wasnt on sale, and a giant 4kg chub of BALOGNE, because we are trying harder not to die early now…


Inside the Main Cavity we find..

– butternut squash
– some other kind of squash..
– some apples
– some pears
– purple cabbage.. more like brown cabbage now
– a single sweet potato, getting wrinkly tips
– baby carrots


– a whole chicken
– 2kg ground beef
– a jar of bacon fat, we save for cooking
– a jar of chicken schmaltz, we save for slathering on our bodies and sacrificing virgins to the Roast Chicken God
– baking soda, for it’s anti stink behaviours

– Cracker Barrel old cheddar, we always get whatever cheese is on sale, we totally lucked out and got THE GOOD STUFF!
– Hotdogs, I eat too many hotdogs..

– Homo milk, we are not supposed to buy milk here because there isnt enough, and you’re supposed to save it for people with kids, but seriously.. screw kids, we like milk
– 2% milk, hahaha, screw you babies, hope you like walking bow-legged!
– diet caffeine free pepsi, cold with too many ice cubes, oh yeeeahhh
– cheap NFLD beer, leftover from birthday good times
– apple juice, gotta get my vitamin C’s on
– HAM!
– 4 dozen eggs,
we eat too many eggs


The Door, or Where We Keep The Flavour..

– cheap Parmesan cheese
– butter
– yeast
– mayo

– squashberry jam
– rhubarb jam
– canned seal meat
– grape jam, most of these jams are from CB’s nan, she made jam 15 minutes before we left for NFLD for us to take with us.. we need to go for a visit soon, damn it!
– back currant jam, this is the prize of the collection, aside from CB’s Nans apple jelly which isnt pictures because it didnt make it
– apple jelly, some crap I made
– Hot Sauce
– olives, I always need olives in the fridge. To eat with peanut butter in front of the fridge at night, mmmm
– mustard
– Chow CB’s mum made, which would be great with our ham tonight, hmmmm..
– pickled beets, New Zealand did this to us
– ketchup, I go through a bottle every 2 weeks.. I can’t eat eggs without ketchup or cheese’


Ye Olde Ice Boxxe

– whole Chicken
– smoked ham skin saved for a rainy day
– pork Loin roasts
– 2 pkgs ground beef
– 2 pkgs cod fillets
– 2 pkgs pork chops
– 4 containers chicken livers
– peanut butter jar full of a combo shortening and oil for frying
– Hotdogs. I buy them all when they are 50% off and just stockpile.
– 2 pkgs $4.99 frozen meatballs
– chopped peppers
– diced jalapenos
– chopped turnip/potato/carrot mix
– frozen peas
– asparagus
– edamame
– beans
– a bag of wild berries I picked in the fall

There, now I showed you mine, you show me yours! If you take a picture, send me the link the comments so I can look! I’m really fucking nosey like that.

And if you say “Christina Ricci”, you are Christina Ricci..


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

4 thoughts on “What’s In Your Fridge?”

      1. Haha, I DO love my eggs. My fridge is mostly comprised of cheese and fruit. Currently theres two kinds of cheddar , a big wheel of brie and a gouda! My downfall. Where do you live that you guys don’t get that many veggies?

      2. We live on a tiny island community on the most northern tip of Newfoundland. Sometimes the ferry can’t get over here when the sea is rough so they dont tend to stock fresh stuff too much. It’s taking some adjusting, and getting to love frozen veg.

        I never miss Toronto (I guessed thats where you are, because of Upper Cut Meats, one of my favourite places on planet earth) except for when I remember the food. SO much food, from so many different countries, all over the place. Amazing produce in the summer, and oh.. the cheese. I miss the cheese. If it’s not dyed orange, squished into a brick shape and wrapped in plastic it aint here… *weeps softly into my cheddar*

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