Life’s All Sunshine & Pie


No better way to spend a late sunday morning than eating pie in the sunshine. We popped into The Flat Earth Outpost and got pie and coffee and sat at the sunniest table, eating it like two fat happy cats. Sipping our creamy coffees, enjoying the morning. It was really nice.


We destroyed that pie!

I had some good days off, but I mostly did sweet Eff All. Woke up in the morning, ate, cleaned some stuff, had a nap, got up, watched an awesome Korean movie called Woo Chi, and then went to bed.. Did that twice! Except I only watched Woo Chi the once. I was real tired.



A big mother fucking jar of saurkraut! YEAAAH! Can’t wait to cook it up with every sausage in the world and home fries with my moms patented dijonnaise dip. Oh babyyyy!!!

Tonight we are having meatballs for dinner! Its kind of become our tradition. Of making meatballs for dinner. Every night. Its great! I just handed a bowl of them to CB and he ate some cheese off the top and told me “Ive never been happy in my life” I nodded understandingly. “I meant to say, I’ve never been happier in my entire life.” I think he’s tired.

CB started a new job today! He is now roasting coffee for Flat Earth Coffee. The set up is totally awesome, it looks like a crazy Miyazaki factory only not really factory size, its just for small batches. He picked me up from work today and I think we are officially the best smelling couple on the island. He smells like freshly roasted coffee and I smelled like devils food cake. Its nice because usually we smell like a bunch of butts and armpits!


Now is sleep time. Goodnight!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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