Salt Fish Hash


Sometimes I’m just cravin’ an egg. Isn’t that pretty? Like spring. An egg in a nest. But instead of twigs, its fish and potatoes.

I’m trying to be good and not eat the copious amounts of toast that I’ve been known to munch. But it leads to a problem. When you want that warm golden yolk, dripping off your chin and making Pollocks on your pants, you’ve got nothing with which to sop it off the plate. Bah! So I cooked some salt fish hash purely as a catchment area for my yolk. My mom used to make this tuna salad casserole with cream of mushroom soup and chips crunched up on the top. It was the saltiest, crunchiest, best thing ever but this is nearly as good..


During my time off I’m dedicating some serious attention to my Hamburguesa, or, big ugly fat fatso belly.  So far my exercise and fitness regiment has comprised of eating half a loaf of bread (work related) a cinnamon bun (I have a weak constitution), and a BOX OF TURTLES (they were on sale and there was no one here to say “wait.. no.. stop..” So not off to a great start. My exercise routine has been hardcore dancespasms to the breezy sounds of Swedish Electro Pop until I get out of breathe and just watch The Awesome Show until my brain throws up.

Last night I made dinner and then watched CB shoot my sister in the face with an automatic shotgun until he got tired of it. Then he picked her up in a helicopter and flew it directly into a building, but not before slyly parachuting out of it. My sister is too trusting. GTA is not for friends. It’s for fucking GANGSTAAAHSSZZ

CB has got some work this week, so I’m all alone. I don’t deal well with being alone. I need constant attention/supervision. I need someone to be paying attention to be 24/7 or I get weird. I’m worried Im going to get weird in these two weeks…

Blahhhhhhrghghghg.. oh! One thing that’s new! I started reading books again! I haven’t finished a book in… probably.. 4 years.. hm, sad. I had better vocabulary and grammatical sense when I was 7 years old. I’m hoping reading with undumb my brain. It’s been just inundated with nothing but food blogs, celebrity gossip and in depth analysis of bread structure and the microbiology of cheese. So I guess my brain needs a health and fitness routine too.

Im gonna go read. Peace out!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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