The Snow in Yellow


I didn’t take that picture, I just wish I did. Instead of just thieving it from the internet. Its a legless chihuahua out for a winters stroll  with his friend the Baby Fluff Chicken. Great outfit. The footprints are almost the best part.

Oh noooo oh noo I’ve got hummus on my keyboarrrrd! My lunch today: hummus, carrots, and reese peanut butter sticks. *Big Time Adult*

That’s not all the junk I’m currently ingesting! Im also watching My Strange Addiction.. pretty convinced it’s fake. How do people have enough disposable income to eat $200 in eye shadow every week? I call bullshit. I was just watching the latest episode of True Detective which is the best, albeit most poorly named, show on television right this minute. Watching Woody Harrelson and Magic Mike be fucking  badass detectives makes me happy. I can only imagine the amount of money the show had to spend digitally scrubbing the weed smoke out of every scene. Anyway I like to follow each episode with some hardcore reality television, for balance. Just like I follow my carrots & hummus with Reese Peanut butter sticks. YORM.

Remember how I was lamenting the fact I’m not smart anymore… Wonder what my honey boo boo is up to.. to..

I might go for a drive in a bit and take some pictures for you. The sun is out for the first time this YEAR it feels like and I want to take advantage. Its just TOO sunny right now.  I can barely see in all the white, I need to wrap some jerky around my head with slits for eye holes. Ya know, like in that movie. With all the snow.. To prevent snow blindness.

Behind my couch is every box on the island. I just hide them back there. I think this is the day of reckoning for those boxes. Yep. I have grand designs for my day. Yea, may The God of Eternal Sloth grant me the strength not to just dive into The Hotel Inspector and eat all the groceries! Amen.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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