Snow & Blackberries


Sitting here chatting with me ma, sippin’ chai tea and munching on blackberries, like a gangster. The combination reminds me of my brother and his chai and raspberry addictions. Now he’s into peppers… thats another story though.

Im so crazy crazy crazy for blackberries, there must be a chemical in them my brain needs because I can’t walk past them. It was hard to maintain focus while in the grocery store and not just eat them while I meandered aisle to aisle. Blackberries are the best. I used to make this ice cream with yoghurt and roasted blackberries. The tangy creaminess meshing with the roasted blackberries made a beautiful coloured ice cream I could only describe as Ultra Mauve.. Flourescent Mauve? Such a nice flavour. If I ever own an ice cream store, that’s going on the menu.

OH! I just farted on this wooden chair and got scared cause I’m alone and I thought it was someone talking!! Oh ho butt, you rascal, what fun we have together! I though it was a ghost but it was just a fart. Ha ha ha!

And now all thats left of my blackberries is a sad, stained piece of tissue in the bottom of the package. My fingers match. So sad.

There’s a serious storm headed this way. It’s just started. Fairly tame. Its pretty  mild out, shockingly little wind and big fluffy flakes. Not so bad. I can handle this! Just in case I took precautions and got us prepped for a weekend in. All the fixings for home made pizza, a bag of chips, some pop, a box of kraft dinner and hotdogs, a giiiiant 4.5kg tube of balogne, and chocolate bars. That should see us through nicely. I dont want to be trapped, treatless! TREATLESS!

Oh thank god CB is on his way home. I shouldnt be left alone with the internet. PEACE OUT!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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