Hi Gramma!


Hi Gramma Gram! Welcome to my blog! I hear you are enjoying your new computer! This probably should be an email, but I saw you followed my blog yesterday and I havent written a post in weeks so I thought this would give me an excuse to do it! I’ve been working a lot to catch back up after our break here. Mostly my day has been baking and snow. This is a picture of me “foraging” like an idiot squirrel for some labrador tea leaves to make a nice ice cream and apple dessert. It was very difficult to find a patch of rock that it might grow on… foraging aint so romantic in the dead of winter.

We have lots of snow.


This is our a tunnel CB dug from the street to our door. Also:


Winter Carnival!! Every little town here has their own winter carnival, one weekend after another. The other week was Joe Batt’s Arms winter carnival and CB was excited like a little fat girl in a candy store. He literally did not stop talking about it until the weekend rolled around. Seriously, everywhere he went he made sure to tell everyone how excited he was for breakfast cooked by the volunteer firefighters and hot turkey sandwiches. He brought me jiggs dinner for lunch at work and it was incredible. Salt meat, a quarter head of cabbage, a half a turnip, a whole carrot and potato that tasted like delicious salty meaty broth. And a little slice of spicy carrot cake. It was great.

Oh we have been trapped in the house pretty much so my pictures are kind of boring. I wanted to take some of the immense amounts of steam coming out of everything into the cold air of our house.



And I had a bath.. steamy! I began to suspect it was a ghost perving on my naked bod, and closed the curtain.


And we did a whirlwind trip into St. Johns one weekend but this is the only grainy cell phone picture I have of it. The sun shining through the mammoth icicles was pretty.

Anyway Gram, thanks for following my blog! Maybe we can skype later! BYEEEE!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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