Werewolves and Zombies LIVE ON AIR!



Dear Internet,

I’ve been waiting a long long time to share this with you. I accidentally posted it months ago and was met with chaos and insanity because it was a closely guarded secret at the time. But now it’s the opposite of that and I get to share it with EVERYBODY! Here is the short trailer for the extremely awesome new supernatural web series on Smoke Bomb Entertainment written by my very own favourite brother in the world. Please have a gander at it, it has an awesome premise and great characters and I can’t support it enough because I really want it to become super popular so I can watch it for a long time and see what happens!

In a world where the supernatural is known but scorned, werewolves, zombies and beings with supernatural afflictions attempt to live normal lives in human society. Many are closeted. Few are accepted.

To help them fit in, and to navigate the problems in their lives, they come to Dr. Michelle Kessler. A therapist by trade, Kessler is equal parts strong and empathetic, providing her patients a safe space to explore and understand themselves in a world where losing grip could put their families at risk. Self-hatred, alienation. The burdens of carrying impossible secrets. The struggle to feel human.

Be sure to join the movement at http://www.weareallinhuman.com, and follow the young girl in the trailer at @DeadGirlWalks_ and her adversary, @LincWolf.

See? Some sad zombies and werewolves just trying to be a people. But ya know, its not just about their conditions, it’s like an allegory for the human condition. Trying to be accepted despite your differences, and overcoming personal persecution. And ya know, hot werewolf guys. How cool is that. So proud.

The media surrounding this show is totally new and immersive. The characters have their own twitters. The zombie girl has her own blog, Angry Dead Girl, which is awesome and hilarious. Its amazing. You can tweet with the characters. Imagine if you could have tweeted with Buffy and Xander back in the day??! That would have blown my mind! I would have cyber stalked the SHIT out of Spike! I think its genius.

In addition to being my bro, which is an awesome credit to him as of itself, he is a serious emerging Canadian talent in the industry. You can follow his blog at The Diversionist and you should if you are interested in television writing or TV in general, he has many thoughts and opinions. Even if you are just interested in the goings on of a young Canadian writer and want to support him.


Also the website is pretty sweet too.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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