Moss Candy


It was really mindblowing to finish work late and come out to a SUNNY DAY! I should have been exhausted but the sun imbued me with some magic maniac vitamin D energy and I took off to the hills! I found a sweet snow pile by our bedroom window that was hard and perfectly smooth snow and I slid down it until it stopped being smooth and cut my butt up a bit. CB said he could hear me crying about it from inside the house.

Oh but I know there’s something good out there. I best not waste the opportunity of no wind and no snow and get me some good stuff from the rocks. I’m talking about the velvety green stuff man, moss. I’m going to make it into candy. HEALTH!


Not off to a good start. A rather meager patch if I may say so..


Sweet, looks like a bonfire party is about to happen any second. I wonder if there’s like 7 or 8 frozen hobo bodies all around the drum underneath the snow.


I am likin’ this lichen! It kind of looks like a cool guy face with a big mouth and sort of a winky eye.




It’s like a shag carpet, only less gross and with less bacteria! BEAUTIFUL!


Gotcha! Caribou moss. I hope the caribou don’t mind me thieving their crop.


Oh noooo my paper bag ran awayyy!


AHA! This is the fucking kid that rides around in circles around our house every hour of every day on his fucking 4wheeler with a cut off exhaust so it sounds like the fucking apocalypse GAGRGR I know where you live now, mother fucker! Im coming to jam a potato in your tail pipe!!




Beer bottle bum.


Copper BB’s shining on a tiny little ice puddle.


Now to deal with my precious harvest..


Throw a bunch of baking soda in a bowl.




Add moss and cover with water. Swirl it around a bit.


Cover and let sit overnight. Then rinse it, clean it, pick all the stray furry other mosses out between it’s branches, dip in hot simple syrup and bake at 250F for an hour until hardened. Tada, moss candy!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

4 thoughts on “Moss Candy”

  1. Ummmm….you are fabulous! Totally just stumbled on your blog and I can’t wait to read every single word. Thanks for sharing this! I am so pumped to get out and forage this year and I’m still new, so learning about early spring things is exciting! I am going to rock out on this candy recipe. You are awesome. Thank you!

    1. Ditto for yours, you’re a gal after my own heart. I just sent you an email about your skin care products. Where are you located/foraging around at/shipping from? I need to get me some, on my face!

      1. Connecticut, awesome! I love your blog and am really excited to maybe perhaps buy a tin of your skin cream, it sounds amaaazing. I’m on a little island in Newfoundland, Canada right now.

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