Dogs reacting to slight of hand magic. Thats the best.

I’m sleepy and smell like butter because I just made a giant bowl of popcorn big enough for a whole family and just ate the whole thing myself. Now I feel greasy and full of corny regrets. And long, screeching farts with amazing comedic timing. Real full of those.. I blame the popcorn.. or the dubious chili we got at the gas station/restaurant… hmmm..

Today was pretty great, CB and I baked together all day, which is combining my two favourite things. Making a mess, and CB yelling at me! No no, it was good. We made all KINDS of stuff! And he is better at making cupcakes than me which is.. fine…

Also the bakery is right on an inlet and the caribou gather there for drinking and snacking. So I could cream my butter for cookies and stand beside the giant ancient Hobart mixer (antique baking technology, favourite thing #3 happening here) and watch the caribous trotting around daintily over the snow. They are achingly beautiful, with their silver coats disappearing into the silvery snow. One of them came really close and I tapped on the window and shouted that I had cookies in here but it was not interested.

Everyday at my own work I take my “window breaks” at around 8:30. This is a magic time when all my bread is sleeping in their nice warm cupboard getting big and fat and fluffy and I have a small window of time where nothing is happening. So I take my by then very cold tea and walk to the large picture windows overlooking the ocean and I sip, and stare. Having thoughtful thoughts. Life.. the universe.. doughnuts.. that kind of thing. Every day I think it’s going to be the day I finally see a real life seal but every day I go back to my breads, seal-less. ONE DAY! Oh and on that day, mark me, my wee bloggos, you’re going to hear about it.

Cool thing! We went to the ocean with a giant bucket and filled it full of smooth, round granite rocks. Our theory was to put them in the bottom of CB’s wonky oven to create more thermal mass to keep a steady temperature and also so we could throw water on the hot rocks and create more steam to make happier loaves of bread. It totally works.. so there you go. Wash them real well, and run your oven for a while to dry out the vaguely crab shacky aroma they might have and presto chango, you have a possibly very expensive problem fixed! Rocks are great. Or don’t wash your rocks and enjoy the “Sea Scent” it brings to your baked goods! People love it when their brownies taste like chocolate but smell like shrimps. The only downside was that I fell through the snow and sank into the icy marsh beneath it briefly and had to work all day with wet feet. I wrapped a tea towel around my feet and then put my boots back on and that helped a bit but I still think I probably now have Trench Foot.

I was thinking the other day at work during one of my Window Breaks that “Tart Dough” would be a sweet graffiti tag artist name. I think the word DOUGH looks sweet in graffiti style text. Yeah man.. but Trench Foot is better..

Oh I forgot! I was originally writing this blog to show you this badass little Japanese girl shred like a righteous axe master. Watch this and try not to be uplifted by the awesomeness of Japanese Girls.!!!!



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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