Melange d’Amuse-Gueule



Melange d’Amuse-Gueule. My sexy new spy name! Actually it’s just “Snack Mix” en francais..

Isnt that a pretty picture of a greasy fat hand full-o snacks?

Bits and bites for breakfast! Yay! They were on the floor and some potato bugs seemed super interested in the bag but it was well sealed. Don’t judge me.

CB is at work and its my day off, which usually means I spend it moping around. Watching videos of baby hippos on the internet, reading celebrity gossip.. but I have tons of work to do today! Fun work, but still… Trying to tackle that laziness monster.

Saturday evening it was 5 degrees and sunny out! We had a nice healthy pork chomp dinner but couldnt stop thinking about treats. So being adults, we went out and got some.

Also yesterday at dinner, CB asked me if I karate chopped me in my sleep. And I had a vague memory of waking up to him saying very seriously “This is how you karate chop” and then slamming his whole, straightened arm into my chest. I just thought it was a weird fucking dream. So funny. Last night I couldnt get to sleep because I kept shouting “PIZZA FIESTA!!” until CB put down his pokemon game and grabbed me by both cheeks, looks into my eyes and shouted my name over and over again to give me maximum attention. He wanted me to have a pizza SI-esta. *ba-bum shhh* It was great. Im sure he never wants to hear the words pizza fiesta again, but as Im typing them I’m laughing because they legitimately fill me with glee.



Tada! Bits and bites, orange creamsicle pop, reese peanut butter cups and a scratch ticket. YEAHHHHH! YEAH YEAH YEAH!

I won five bucks!

Bits and bites are awesome. I stood in front of display of chips for like 15 entire minutes trying to decide. If I’m going to go salty, usually I’m a dill pickle girl all the way. But in Newfoundland Roast Chicken and Fries n’Gravy are standard flavours and two of my favs. But they also had Ruffles sour cream and bacon– OH OR Ms. Vicki’s, the crunchiest one of them all! Kinda feeling like hickory sticks, which remind me of family car rides, along with Mr. Bigs they were a gas station necessity whenever we stopped. But then I saw the shiny red bag and thought yeah, thats the one. Also I have been missing my brother this week, and I dont think I ever saw him without that bits and bites orangey powder substance on his fingers since he was about 4 years old so.. yeah, that’s the one. Eating them reminds me of watching Buffy, or Lost with my brother. And how annoyed I was whenever I’d look over and he’d hoover’ed the whole damn bag while I was being engrossed by tv magic. Damn it, B-Bot! There’d just be fucking cheerios left in the bottom..




They make these twice as fat now! Which I feel is what they were like when I was a kid, and they had just been getting progressively thinner and smaller. But CB says Im just being paranoid. And that I was physically smaller when I was a kid, so everything seemed bigger. I dont think so though… I dont know..



And then we played with our BB gun for a while. CB filled a coke can with ice so it stays put while we ravage it with copper bullets. Im not a great shot, but getting better. Practicing for when I become a prolific hunter. Out there in the wilderness, stalking my prey.. being distracted by shiny things. Mostly just eating snacks. I always get so panicked in epic movies where a character is in the woods or doing a long pilgrimage somewhere and they never stop to eat. It makes me crazy! They must be so HUNGRY! It takes me right out of the movie. I can watch giant robots punch eachother with 100% belief in what Im seeing is really happening but the second someone doesnt have a snack break when they are traversing the wilderness I’m just done. The only thing I watched recently that dealt with this amazingly was The Hobbit. Everytime I started to think oh they must be getting a bit hungry by now– they stopped and had a feast! Maybe I am a hobbit inside..

Anyway Im just avoiding my home work so I better stop typing drivel and get on with it.



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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