We’re dogsitting tonight! Possibly dognapping…  I love these giant fluffdogs, I want to take them home. FOREVER. Look at this one. With her giant face. Bahhhhh.  Just.. want.. to.. crush.. it in.. a VICE! SO CUTE.



Its really mild out this evening. The sun is lighting up all the hills bright orange but I cant take a good pic of it. Look at this cute boat weathervane on top of the Brown’s gazebo.


I want a gazebo on the ocean. I cant even imagine how nice it is to have dinner out here in the summer. Its literally like.. over the water.


The view out to the south side of Joe Batt’s.


Blowing around the lacey curtains.

My work was closed today, but I went in anyway to catch up on some stuff. It was nice, I snuck downstairs to use the big kitchen. I used ever burner, and the oven was free just for me. I got 8 hours worth of crap done in 4 hours. Awesome. I also typed up our entire recipe book which has been weighing on me for months. Now everything is neatly typed and organized, on new paper free of food stains. So nice. Feels like a fresh start for this upcoming busy spring.





Fire in the sky



The big man looking pensive

But now we are enjoying relazing in Rex and Paulines super comfortable house, hanging with the two Newfs. Fifth Element is on tv, one of my favourite movies. Oh Mila Jovovich, you rock that tape dress like haut couture. The first time I saw this movie I went into the bathroom and dyed my hair bright orange with kool aid.. it was.. a big fail.. I thought I would look just like Leelu Dallas Multipass or hell even 90’s popstar Vitamin C.. but I looked more like carrot tops homeless cousin. Unpleasent. Atleast it only lasts a couple of days! And then I discovered Manic Panic..


Speaking of discoveries, I have discovered Paulines stash of Coors Lite’s and christmas jub jubes! Now if you’ll excuse me..



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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