Sun & Strawberries


It’s an hour past my bedtime and I’m super distracted by an old episode of House but I am determined to write a blog anyway. Even if it’s a short one and it’s mostly just pictures of some strawberries.

Look, strawberries:



Spring means sunshine, and strawberries, and neon tights with even more neoner shoes and charity shop gypsy skirts.



Dipping them in sugar is my favourite way to eat them. The first ones of the season are from the US and are a bit sour.


Pretty, sweet, sour and crunchy crunch.


Green stuff is now happening in my fridge! We bought vegetables today! Real life vegetables not frozen from a bag at all even!


It;s -3 outside today but it didnt stop us from barbecueing! I love not destroying the kitchen! CB fell and screwed up his foot and I have been working 4:30am to 7pm every day this week so the poor bugger’s been laid up in bed eating convenience store subs and beef jerky. I have been eating spoonfuls of granola and coffee. So this was really the first real food we had in a week.





Juniper berries, that now live in my coat pocket for some flavour in something later.


Chicken dinner! YAY REAL FOOD! I also made a salad. We ate it like we were worried it was going to be taken away any seconds.

Bah sorry this is a boring post, but its been a nice sunny day of naps and running errands.. pretty low key. And Im sleepy, and HOUSE JUST SHAVED OMG is he on HEROIN!? OMG! So I gotta go.

See you tomorrow


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

8 thoughts on “Sun & Strawberries”

    1. The BBQ is imperative to our lives it seems. It means not messing up the kitchen, which I am down with! Ice cream maker is travelling ACHINGLY SLOWLY! I already have atleast 50 flavours I want to try. Also, Im on a wee island in Newfoundland. Where are you? Somewhere warm enough for a skirt this time of year. Jealous.

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