It’s almost 3pm on a sunday. Its mild but very foggy outside and the kind of day that makes a gal want to have a 24 hour nap. We laid in bed for an extra three hours, falling in and out of weird dreams and just long enough see what the good Dr. House is up to. Big problem when I finally groggily dragged my lumpy medusa-haired bod out of bed– no breakfast foods. No probs though dude, I got it handled. I’ll just spin up the chocolate custard I made last night into CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST!



I’m going to pretend like I did it on purpose to continue my rep as an actual professional maker of ice cream, but the chocolate bakers chocolate I used didnt entirely incorporate into the mix. Left little chocolate specks in my ice cream base! But it actually was nice with them, like strattiacella! That’s a real thing!




This was my first attempt at using my ice cream maker, because I was too impatient to make real ice cream I just put some sugar into some yogurt and spun it up. It just tastes like icy yogurt. Chocolate ice cream though.. killer.

Best sunday morning breakfast ever. Until the urge for bacon overcame us and we went out into the world in search of a breakfast sandwich. Complete failure. It’s hard to find even a bloody church open here on a sunday. As we drove towards our last ditch effort at a breakfast we didnt have to make ourselves– a microwaved hotdog at the gas station– we saw Pauline! Raking leaves! And we stopped and chatted and got our little fat tums invited in for sunday dinner. Or as a regular person would call it– lunch.

Mashed potato, turnip and carrot, dressing, gravy, a biscuity thing Pauline just called “The Pastry” and big fat tender melt in your mouth turkey thighs. It was really nice. Way better than hotdogs..

And then we did a bit of seal hunting. The ice has started to come into the harbours in big sheets and in my head I imagine them covered in dozens if not millions of seals that I will take home and have live in my bath tub and be friends forever. No go though.. just ice.. lots of ice..




More ice


Hey look, some more ice!


Look at all that fuckin ice!


A dock with some punt boats tied off. It’s seal hunting time for real and guys here are going out to catch their dinner around this time.


The view back onto Joe Batt’s.









Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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