Drip drip drip.. drop

Ermagerd. I havent written a post in approximately 1293901230912 days. My mom has no idea what I’ve been up to! The internet has no clue as to what sort of sandwiches I’ve been eating!! Thats a lie, they know it’s baloney. It’s always baloney. Forever.


AND SO, grasshopper, I was going to just drain away an hour and a cup of tea writing some nonsense but the sky has gone all gloomy and its making my brain feel two sizes too big for the skull I’m wearing. Facts have caused me to deduce it may be a migraine. Everything smells too loud.

Something cool has happened where the light from the kitchen window is being reflected from the dirty pots full of water in the sink and made a pretty patten all over my kitchen ceiling. I laid on the kitchen floor and watched it instead of washing the dirty pots. Look I even made a video so now I have documented proof of how fucking lazy and ridiculous I am when left to my own devices. I watched this for probably 40 minutes..

What ho it’s sunny out, I’m going out for a walk!








Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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