Foraged Fields



Is there anything finer, than packages full of surprises from a cool stranger!? Maybe an ice cream sandwich.. but thats about it.

So there is this chick named April in Connecticut, who has lovely hair and foraging skills that rival Bear Gylls. Except without the uh.. seagull poop enemas and eating whole trouts while naked in a river….. actually I cant say I know that for sure, we just met really, but she doesn’t seem the sort. Anyway!

She has been very busy making her own cosmetics out of all natural oils and herbs and clay. They are proper amazing. If you’re into all natural cosmetics that come literally straight from the Earth; she runs a shop out of her website and it’s very affordable which is important to broke ass hippies like me.


She isn’t paying me anything to blog about this, I just think what she is doing is fifty shades of rad, man. There’s lotions, balms, ointments, moisturizers, shampoo and even BRONZER. Whaaaat.. She also keeps a blog here.

Here is me unwrapping my mails.


Pretty card.


A little jar full of clay face mask. It worked amazing, my skin was tight and smooth after.



I was amazed at how fine the clay was. Just a little water and it was ready to go! It did a nice job of clearing out the pores on my nose. They always get full of flour and crap at work.



This was my favourite thing in the package– aside from the handwritten letter. Really nice lip balm! Not too greasy, and it melts into your lips and is absorbed quickly. Tastes nice too!



This was a smoking/tea herb mix that I haven’t got a chance to try yet, but smells really nice.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

3 thoughts on “Foraged Fields”

  1. Wow!!!! I didn’t even know you posted this!! What a treat to find so much later. I’ve been changing things and adding more recipes and we need to penpal again!! Do you still live at the same place?

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