Fiddle Sticks



I think this blog has become mostly just a collection of pictures of chicken.. chicken is nice though. We like eating it. Mostly I just wanted to show you this though:


Check it out! Fiddleheads are in season now. They were pretty good. Not the best ever, kind of strangely starchy.. usually they are like asparagus, but times ten. They nice very nice, but a lot of work to prep. They grow in sandy areas so you have to clean them well by unfurling their fronds under cool water and rinsing off any sand. Nice with chicken and of course, mayo. I’m pretty much made of mayo by this point.

Uhhh yeah so.. yeah.. chicken.. yawwrn.. but fiddlerheads WOOT!



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

6 thoughts on “Fiddle Sticks”

  1. Kara, I am a New Brunswicker and I have enjoyed your posts from last year down under, as well as this year in Newfoundland. I have to admit that when I read you were going to Fogo, I couldn’t help but wonder WHY???? My ex-husband and I, and our 2 year old son, spent a couple of weeks in Nfld. about 24 years ago and we visited Fogo. It was beautiful, but so barren and desolate. I could not imagine anyone going to work there, nor could I imagine what kind of inn would have jobs for someone “from away”! So, today, my curiosity got the best of me and I googled Fogo Island Inn … and what I found blew me away! What a magnificent structure! And I am so impressed that the island has taken the steps to revitalize itself. Now, I would love to return so I can experience this other side of Fogo which I did not see before. Maybe you’ll still be there when I have the opportunity to visit. Sure would be neat to meet you! Keep the postings coming …. I enjoy your travels, musings, and pictures! Joanie

  2. 2 chickens? No judgement but do you get one each?

    A blog about chicken isn’t so bad. Have you seen the move Take This Waltz? One of the characters does a chicken cook book.

    I think you could go even more niche with The Chicken and Rice Blog. Almost every cuisine has a version or more of chicken and rice. I think I love them all.

    I’ve never eaten a fiddlehead but I’m not a fan of asparagus. Will I like them? They remind me a lot of our native ponga fronds. I think those are edible too.

    1. Oh yeeeah I guess 2 chickens does kinda look a bit gluttonous. Not gluttony, just laziness! It became our lunch and dinner for the next couple of days. Never seen Take This Waltz but after imdb’ing it its a sarah polly flick with seth rogen and sara silverman in it so I dont know how I COULD POSSIBLY HAVE MISSED it completely! Ill have to watch it! Chicken is the shit.

      I think youd like fiddleheads, they are mild, and crunchy, and nice with butter. I didnt realize you could eat ponga fronds! That would be like.. a vegetarian steak. You should eat a ponga frond and tell me now it is!!

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