Morning Drive


Went for a wee boot around the island today. Its been kind of a downer, weather wise, this week. Cold, very grey, very foggy. It’s the end of May and Im still walking to work in my toque and mittens. Ah well after 8 months of winter, I’ll be so desperate for summer I’ll enjoy every sunny damn minute of it.

I took pictures out the window because fuck it, I’m not wandering around out there getting all cold and damp. Bleh. So these are super blurry, but kind of nice anyway, like you’re coming for the ride with us. I took a video but youtube’s being a prick so maybe I’ll upload it later. This is mostly in and around Seldom, which is short for “Seldom Come By.” Accurate because we don’t get out there very much. Sometimes we get burgers at a little place called Vanessa’s or drive through to the ferry.

This first picture is of the F.U Trading Company. Great name! Sometime we will stop and see what it’s all about. Maybe they will have some lobsters for eating in there!


A house I’ve always kinda liked. I think its the red roof with the ladder on it, its nice looking.


The ferry was loading up when we went by. We were tempted to hop on just to drive to Rosie’s diner, have lunch, and drive back. But we decided we should probably go home and clean up like responsible adults.


Keep your peepers peeled for boos.


There’s little cemeteries absolutely everywhere here, because if the ground is soft enough to dig on, you’re gonna take advantage I guess. 100% sure there’s ghosts in this picture. Just chillin, talking about the crap we


A nice shed.


Across the harbour.


The siding on this house is really nice. Porch needs some love, though.



Little blue tugboat. Maybe not a tugboat, just a fishing boat, dunno.

IMG_7919S is for Shutters!


Tide is out, seaweed is in.


Spaghetti and meatballs.


Lobster traps all lined up and ready to go! Had some lobster the other day, it was super sweet and buttery mmm





This is one of my favourite houses here, all pink and lilac.


Starting to rain. Time to go home




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Morning Drive”

    1. Oh its still cold as balls here. BAH! Its almost June and Im still making marshmallows for people to put in their hot chocolates. Its.. actually so sad its funny.

      There will definitely be a lobster post. CB’s family is all ABOUT the lobster, and have annual “feeds”. Everything is covered in newspapers and the cleavers come out and its just a bloody massacre. His mum is a professional dispatcher of crustaceans. Lobster juice everywhere. We are looking forward to a feed here!

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