Blomp Blomp Blomp

Its 10:59 and I’m sitting at the kitchen table waiting for CB to come home from work. COME HOME! CB! GET OVER HERE!

100% rocking it hardcore to Roy Orbison and spooning this dubious BBQ Sauce & Curry tofu concoction into my mouth. but missing the mouth hole part a lot. I’m either very tired, or subconsciously I dont really want this stuff in my mouth… I get home from work and I just want PROTEIN and end up dumping random stuff on whatever protein happens to be defrosted and it has been getting weirder and weirder. Yesterday’s salmon with hot sauce, teriyaki, sour cream & cheddar gravy and.. wilted spinach.. was one for the books.

After what seemed like an ETERNITY of winter, June 1st has seen our first properly warm, sunny summery day here. I walked to work this morning and it was still chilly, kind of grey, I had my winter jacket and hat on and felt a bit depressed at it all. Kind of a Ground Hog Day feeling but without all the snowball fights with Andie McDowell. What a great fucking movie. BUT THEN THE SUN HAPPENED! IT was a perfect day. Except I was stuck inside, slaving away over apple pies n’ chit like that. It was REALLY hot in my kitchen and I was schvitzing like a shmeggege, OY! So I had to get the hell out of dodge for a while. I went “foraging” which sounds romantic and chefly but really I just wanted to be outside in a tshirt and out of my sickly sweet sweatshop.

I took off down the gravel road, just as two helicopters were landing. It was nice, sitting amoungst the rocks and bog myrtle, kind of hidden in shrubbery like some demented rabbit picking at the choicest leaves, watching helicopters whizz down around me. A girl I work with was walking up the road in shorts, eating an ice cream and looking like the queen of summer. And I thought yeah.. it’s here, finally, this is going to be good!

The ice bergs are coming in towards the shore now, great white monoliths jutting out of the still water– pretty breathtaking. It’s like living in an AJ Casson painting here. They are surreal blue. More blue than blue thought it every could be.

My walk home was beautiful. The sun was just about set and was reduced to a slit of fiery orange between the darkening blue of water and clouds. It smells like summer.. like things blooming, and birds doing it, and bon fires. A giant beetle trundled out from the undergrowth and crossed my path. It was the size of my thumb and at first I thought it was a mouse. I always see beetles at odd times and I am starting to think they are my spirit animal. I was hoping for a polar bear. CB says it’s probably a poodle with a lazy eye and a tongue that sticks out.




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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