Where’d That Monkey Come From?


The weather outside right now is grey, slightly foggy. 3C but it feels like -1. Charming June weather, but I guess we have made our choices..  truth be told, iiiiits starting to get to me. I’m actually missing shorts, and beers on patios, and flip flops.

But hey, I found a new beer!



Jockey Club, boasting true newfoundland character! Also, HORSIES!


This beer bottle cap is now my new magnet, on my fridge beside a Tui beer bottle cap from NZ. It’s cheap and tastes like beer, so it’s got my vote.


Pop bottle us’s. I’m the little one.



Making fruit salad is always a summery thing to do, but it’s not working it’s magic yet.


I dont remember this monkey ever being there…. where’d that monkey come from..


Last week we had a really hot day and CB shaved his beautiful disney princess hair off and Ive left them on the floor ever since because it feels sad to throw them away. So many creepy porcelain dolls or young girls with alopecia are missing out..


Every so often my easel falls over and reminds me that it exists. I stood it back up and decided to fuck around with the kitten & cake painting I started like 1289128928 years ago.


Classy palette.


Proper care and cleaning of ones brushes is very important. He is my pro cleaning kit made out of a jelly jar and a tuna can.


Yeah so.. I just covered it in red and felt kind of satisfied with that.


Yeah I dunno where Im going with this but its fun every so often to mess it all up! Its looking slightly satanic.. with like a demon persian kitten or something.. hm.

CB is outside playing with his motorcycle and sorting out a place for it to live in the shed beside the trailer. I think maybe Ill go out and hang out with him. TOOTLES BITCHES!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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