Pricks & Pranks


Day off day off day offff! Dont really have much to report in on. I’ve been actually being a good daughter/sisterthing and calling my family nearly everyday for the last little while.. interrupting their seemingly endless games of Settlers of Catan. Bunch of nerds. Aaaand seeing as this blog is mostly just for them to have proof that I’m not dead… yeah Ive used up all my material. Which was pretty sparse and uninteresting anyway.. well.. okay what’s happening..

Oh, CB put up the clothesline! Which was a pretty serious event for me as I take pleasure in pinning up our undies in the sunshine.


But it just rains and rains. Which is nice, its very very cold spring rain but its making all the plants happy so I can’t complain too much. We helped a lady and her brother in law change a tire in the cold, cold rain earlier today as well. Their jack kept sinking in the mud. Luckily CB’s motorcycle parking spot– a plate of rusty steel– came in handy for a platform and he fixed it all up like a super manly man. His beard grew two sizes that day.

Oh, TREATS! We had donair pizza a bit ago, which seems to be a bit of  newfoundland thing. It’s like schwarma, but.. differenty.. and then covered in this sweet white sauce that seems to be garlic condensed milk NO STOP PUKING its amazing, really. Especially in pizza form.

Umm.. we had one day of sunshine, but I worked. So I left halfway through the day to go foraging to get outside. I went off hunting for violets. I made friends with a helicopter pilot who seemed to find my eating random things off the ground totally fascinating. I made him smell my little tub of violet blossoms, and he ate some and his mind was blown. And then I watched him take off in his helicopter, and my mind was blown. I told him, in another life I want to be a helicopter pilot. He said to just go for it, its actually super easy.. and I was like.. cool.. *chews on branch*

Other bad things:



CB, in a very, very rare mood was craving ice cream which NEVER EVER happens so before he even finished saying “–ream” I was speeding away in the buick to the grocery store. I got this one.. my fav.. UDDERLY DIVINE it has mini PB chocolate cups in.. and this new Doritos that is called “Roulette” and has random SUPER spicy ones hidden in it that look the same as the rest. I got it home and didnt tell CB and just put them in a bowl, and wahahaha, sneaky prankster let him eat some while watching with intensity until he was like.. “wha a uck a oo oo-ing  a??” with his mouth all full of SNEAKY SPICY TRICKSTER DORITORs and he didnt even bloody notice. Damn his love of spicy foods.

It reminded me of being really little and watching my dad bringing out some BBQ chips to eat with my mom while they watched TV. And he covered some COMPLETELY in cayenne pepper and placed them lovingly on top. He looked at me, always his fellow conspirator, and told me not to tell mom. Man I knew what cayenne pepper was, I accidentally snorted a buttload while being a whimsical little girl one day smelling all the spices.. then he goes out and hands them to her in the dark living room and– I’m sure my memory has edited what followed– but in my memory my dad was cackling and slapping his hand in victory and then doing kung fu moves around the living room while my mom coughed to death trying to dial 911.. I think they were watching Leno…

Also once my cousins came over, and they were like 5 & 6 so they were just little pussies and I hid salt and vinegar chips in amoungst the regular chips and watched with delicious evil satisfaction while their unsuspecting little cherub faces screwed up in panic and digust every so often lololololz…

Yeah Im like.. 100% hardcore gangster prankster over here. Watch your chip bowlz, yo. I will punk your Cheeto-s too.


We drove to the beach to take pictures of cool ice bergs but they had all melted. I found whats left of a bunny though!


Look at my sweet new office light. *martha fucking stewart*


Pretty. Shiny..


Nailed my beautiful present hat to the wall like ART!


Still raining. Rained all day, so we cleaned and cleaned. The house is super clean now, completely disinfected from our shared cold this week. Sneezing and snotting everywhere like a bunch of .. I dunno.. jerks or something.

SO yeah.. I dunno.. hopefully tomorrow we will do fun stuff!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

4 thoughts on “Pricks & Pranks”

    1. I would never prank you! I’ve grown, and matured, and now Im well beyond chip pranks.

      Also TOTALLY sure check it out man

      Super Thick Donair Sauce

      2/3 cup canned sweetened condensed milk
      1/4 cup white vinegar
      1/2 tsp garlic powder

      Mix together.

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