Salad Fingers


11:11, I win!

I definitely should be asleep but I had a crazy, extra long day at work and now I’m too wired. My usual routine is, I come home and make a really depressingly strange meal for myself like.. peanut butter and olives or onion soup with slices of marble cheese floating in it…  and  then I have a cup of tea, read my celebrity gossip sites and go to sleep. Instead of that, tonight I made a cup of  tea and then just started cooking everything in the fridge. Teriyaki salmon, curry tofu scramble, a big arugula salad with yellow peppers and a stupid amount of parmesan cheese. I made tuna salad with olives and beets.. and a cucumber vinegar salad, and fruit salad.. and… yeah I think thats about it. I just made a lot of random salads. I listened to El Scorcho by Weezer on loop for most of the time I was chopping everything up.. yeah I dont know, I was in a strange, mesmerized mood. Dubious flavour combos at midnight is my jam!

Fridge is full of batshit lunch items.. dishes are done.. things are clean, tea has been drank.. drunk..? Drinkened? Caught up on all my Miley, Kimye and Bieber dirt.. wrote this life altering blog… Starting to wind down.

Mrmm.. yeah okay, Im going to sleep. Goodnight internet.





Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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