Yo, Canada


Lalala, happy Canada day!

When I was a kid this meant spending the days ahead making a cardboard schoolhouse that my dad would fill with fireworks and explode. My cousins and us would sit on the deck watching it burn while shouting inanity, celebrating the end of school. My dad always went overboard on the fireworks, which as a not-so-secretly budding pyromaniac, was something that had my approval.  One year we melted our neighbor Skips wheelbarrow with my schoolhouse effigy. One of my proudest moments; chewing on a corn, watching everyone scramble while the rubbermaid tub went up in a tower of flames. It also marked the season of All You Can Eat Popsicles. My tongue was permanently orange. Fireworks, bbq and all that good family jazz. Wholesome stuff, like pies.

But I’m old now, and everything generally is worse haha. I have the day off, but I’m spending it alone as CB is doing a double. I rarely even ever acknowlegde July 1st as being a thing. Aside from being frustrated that the post office and bank are closed. But here in this small island, everyone is all excited– having big community BBQs, and three-legged races and flying ENORMOUS Canada flags you can see from space. All kinds of spirited shit like that..and I feel a bit patriotic almost. Sitting here drinking my cheap beer, eating this block of old cheddar like it’s an apple. Yeah. Yay Canada, you go girl.

So I’m celebrating by eating maple flavoured ice cream in the sunshine. It was the pinnacle of my day, and didn’t last nearly long enough. It was followed by a brief nap outside on a patch of clover, in the sun. I kidnapped CB from work and made him eat cheeseburgers with me, because I was worried he might not eat enough and embarrass me by dying of starvartion in a restaurant kitchen. That was nice. What else.. I dunno, we did a wedding this week which meant making a wedding cake which is always pretty nerve wracking but it came out alright. Dessert stuff seems to be well received by everyone eating it. I’m working too much, but I can now button the last button on my whites so thats a plus.

Oh, RHUBARB IS IN! Finally! So its rhubarb everything now. Rhubarb sorbet, compote, pie, jam, ice cream, panna cotta, just straight up slices dipped in sugar! Oh baby jesus do I love those sour sticks of goodness!

Oh also, I discovered My Happy Place. Previously it was standing outside a petstore in Barrie with my sister, watching about a dozen bunnies run around and fart on each other. But now it’s on a motorcycle. We have been spending every minute not at work, riding around the island. Mostly we just ride to a place to eat a softserve cone, and then ride to the next place and eat another one. But its.. awesome. I didnt think I would like riding on the back, but its really relaxing. Watching the world blur by all black and green. The steady hum of the engine, and the smell of everything in the world filling your nose. Its perfect. And makes me want my own. So watch out, road users of North America, I’m comin’






I found out what these are! BLUEBERRY BLOSSOMS! DUH! They taste like blueberry’s skin. Very fragrant, we have been using them on dishes all week.


OH PS I got my old busted ass iphone working again so its now my camera. Because no one can read my boring life rambles without some pictures of pretty flowers to keep their attention.


Perfect nap spot.


Second perfect nap spot. Albeit unsolicited. I just sat down on the couch for a minute and then work up an hour later, shoes still on, with a drool covered elbow, on the couch.


Baby creeping juniper.


These pretty little snow white star blossoms are pretty, non?

IMG_0536CLOVER. Yum.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Yo, Canada”

  1. I went on a wildflower walk by Minet’s Point in Barrie and there were so many of those blueberry blossoms and i didn’t know what they were and i totally wanted to know and i took a bunch of pictures, and now i know! thx man for naming flowers in ur blog, haha

    1. Ha! Awesome! I didnt know minets point had wild blueberries, thats so cool! The only thing I miss about Barrie is swimming at minets point on a hot summer evening. Best thing ever.

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