Fanny Pack Snacker


Only having 1 precious day off a week is a blessing in disguise I think. Instead of fritter and waste it away by watching terrible youtube videos for 8 straight hours.. not that I would ever do that.. I cram as much good stuff into it as possible!

CB worked today, but we had a nice breakfast together. Then we had AFTERNOON NAAAPS which is the greatest thing human beings can possibly do on a monday afternoon. So nice. And then I loaded up the ol’ fanny pack with snacks and headed out on an ADVENTURE! To EXPERIENCE first hand the MAJESTY of the NATURAL WORLD!

Well I went for a long walk on a trail here. Its about a 2 hour walk, or, if you dawdle like me and bring your camera, a 4 hour walk. Stopping to take pictures of every single flower and to nibble random things that might turn out to be the newest taste sensation– it never is…

Okay so, theres a million pictures and my phone died within the first half hour. So I missed out on pictures of: a red fox being super curious with me, a double rainbow, AND A KILLER WHALE! ISAWAWHALEISAWAWHALE! I caught it out of the corner of my eye, about 50 metres off shore just swimming around. Beautiful. I sat on a hill and watched it for about a half hour. It was so amazing. I shouted at it to do some sweet Free Willy style flips over my head but he wouldnt oblige.


This is where the trail starts for me, on the beach. I think this is probably where it ends for everyone else but I like doing the beach part first. Sandy toes!


Turquoise water and the worlds most well placed salt box house.




Nice but, romantically splashing around in the surf in my bare feet lasted about 0.396 seconds because I instantly remembered that its the fucking NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN and is very, very, deeply concerned with remaining as cold as possible forever. I mean for gods sake it comes with it’s own ice cubes.


Tried to get a picture of the giant “ice cube” icebergs but alas, they are just tiny tiny white dots you cant even see from here. With my eyes I could see they were the size of a bloody building though. And one was the shape of the Titanic which is super ironic!


Off onto the trial, in search of adventure!



IMG_0571 Bye bye, beach!



Wild Irises of the North Atlantic! My new Biker Babe Club name..



Pitcher plants, looking all gothic in their bog. *Doin’ ma Bog Boogie, shake your booty-oogie* Yeah i dunno..


It’s sad for me.


EEEEH! I’m likin’ that lichen, ya!




Sun bleached Urchin



Sea plantain– you can eat that! Maybe if you want to! I dont know!


A thoughtfully placed bench.


Waves, rolling with their homies.


And then suddenly, forest!


Complete with 50 trillion misquitos waiting to suck out my special juice. HEY! I’m using that!




Pretty little secret beach! I thought I found a sharks tooth but it was just some garbage..




Crab bod.



Just me and a seagull, walking all over the place.




A nice stump



Canada comes with cool factoids!


Next time I want to spy a starfish.


Oh, around here is where I royally pissed off some little fatty bird by mimicking it’s little peep call. It was SUPER offended and started peeping at me hardcore and shaking it’s ass. I dont know if it was angry or wanted to mate with me, but it followed me back to the car…  look here, I took video of evidence in case I needed to use it in court later…




A bridge over some mucky bits.


A cool shell.


There! You can KIND of see the icebergs now, can you sort of see them???



And this is the bench I sat one and had my iPhone immediately die. And then, out of the corner of my eye I SAW THE WHALE! It was amazing. I literally went “WAAUFHOHHH!!” outloud and pointed it out to all the people who were not there.

So I called my mom and sister and told them all about it so they were mega jealous. It really happened, I really saw it! And Im gonna see more.. next days off I want to see more.

AND THEN I had an ice cream at the store. And THEN I came home and typed this blog. And NOW Im going to go for beers with the guys at Chefs house. Although Im feeling oddly shy about going now all of  a sudden. I always get shy and dont want to go right before social interactions and then everyone thinks Im a super asshole when I dont show up and just stay at home in my pjs drinking beers by myself watching Louis C.K and laughing so hard I spit my half chewed hotdog all over myself and fall onto the floor, pounding my fists on the lineoleum and cackling alone in the dark……


Yeah maybe my sudden onset social trepidation is some kind of latent survival tool meant to keep me from showing any of *this* to other people.. oh well, hope they have chips there! See y’all!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

5 thoughts on “Fanny Pack Snacker”

  1. How can you let a mosquito suck on you for a photo? It makes me itch just thinking about it.

    I remember when I was a week lass at school camp, I found an urchin and popped it into my pack. I couldn’t find it at the end of the day, there was only sea urchin dust. Those things are pretty fragile apparently.

  2. This is such beautiful country! Where in Newfoundland (generally) are you? Not to stalk, just to plan a trip to see lovely sights like these someday…

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