Jewel Eye



Look! Baby blueberries! They’re coming! The best part living in this trailer is that is we dont have to mow the lawn. The second best thing is we dont have to mow the lawn because the lawn is just millions of blueberry plants!


Look how beautiful the blueberry blossoms look before they turn into plump little fruits.


Yarrow is everywhere right now. You can eat’em! The blossoms are a bit bitter and smell like honey. The leaves are very savoury and remind me a bit of poultry seasoning or something. Pretty nice. You can make a nice tea with them.



This is dock. Also everywhere. Before they look like this, their wee leaves taste like broccoli. Now it is very bitter.


Raspberries are soon coming!


Purple clovers made a nice tea, or are nice in lemonade. High in vitamin C, and if you pick them at just the right time they are full of sweet nectar. The white ones are even nicer.


Some ferns I thought were nice.



Strawberries! I went to the grocery store because I was craving something I couldnt put my finger on. At the check out I figured out what it was.. in my cart was strawberries, cherries, cranberry juice and meat. I’m craving red.


Very warm tonight, have my little green fan going full tilt.


Nothing says summer like flies on the window screen.


I stood at the kitchen sink and watched my berries. I left the tap open because I really liked the gentle sound of the running water, the hum of the fan and the buzzing of the fly. They came together like a nice summery hum.


Look at those babies.


The best is sliced, and sprinkled with just a little bit of sugar and a splash of balsamic vinegar. The sugar draws out their juice and the vinegar makes their flavour even brighter. So nice.



Last little red capped match in the pack.IMG_8203

Beer Shandy and ponk chomps! Woooo


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

7 thoughts on “Jewel Eye”

      1. You know, I was just laying here in bed like a stinky blob, eating a cadbury bar and watching a PBS special on the castle Henry the VIII lived in.. and thats not really the life. So once again, Dana, you have caused me to shower and put pants on and do something. How do you keep doing that..

    1. Oh sigh. This week has been so brutal at work, and I was just sitting here being purposefully late this morning to give myself some false feeling of control over the situation. Eating my sad breakfast cashews, contemplating how they would taste with ketchup.. and then I clicked on that link. And now everything is dog party 1000 all the time forever! YEAH YEAH YEAH! YEAH YEAH YEAH! I watched it for 15 minutes and now my eyeballs are scarred with rainbows and pomperianians (my favourite one there, I finally decided)… thanks MerSherll

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