Snot Rag Ramble


Blllaaarghhh I feel like deeeaaath.

Its the middle of summer and somehow I have gotten a head cold. I am a snotty pile of mess.. or a messy pile of snot.. or both. Ive been laid up most of the day, only taking a break of my lifestyle of the pale and mucousy to have breakfast with CB. Which was nice, but when youre sick everything just tastes like your own mouth. Fried balogne and eggs is some of natures best medicine though. Ive been mostly reading– oh you know whats cool. I got up just now to find something of a soupish consistency to dribble into my mouth for sustenance and had to turn off my book! Isnt that cool! ITS LIKE THE FUTURE!

I have been having bad insomnia lately, which comes with a side effect of talking INCESSANTLY about nothing and everything and aliens and the moon and ghosts, alien moon ghosts, hopes and dreams, fears and memories… that sort of general prattle and keeping CB awake all night. So he bought me a kindle! YAY! At first I felt so guilty, because I hate spending money and besides I have a used copy of The Poisonwood Bible I have been mucking my way through for the last year that needs finishing. But, I discovered, its the greatest thing ever! BUT, ALSO, it keeps me up even later. Reading, under the covers.

You know what… books are awesome. I havent finished reading a book in about.. shit.. 8 years? Since I started working in kitchens, really. I never had time to pick up a book. And the what with living like a nomad lately books are a luxury items, heavy and not good for transcontinental shuffling. It has awoken my inner bookworm, who was once fierce and voracious, but has been laying dormant like a stupid lazy slug. Now I have to feed it all the time. What Im trying to say is.. B-Bot, im sorry I made fun of you for your “necessary” kindle purchase. Also, why didnt you buy me one for christmas, I could have read 6 times as many books by now, you bastard! Its possibly the greatest thing since the Sony Walkmen.

Anyway I have been reading most of the day. And I watched Fight Club– dont you judge me! Its a modern classic. I forgot how great watching Brad Pitt getting punched in the face is. So yeah.. reading and blowing my nose and eating cheetos. Realizing that I don’t know what all kinds of words mean any more and have hard proof now that I am indeed getting dumber with age.. yeah, DAY OFF!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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