Watermelon Pickles & Cloudberry Jam


CB’s mum Arlene and aunt Carol are here for a visit! We picked them up in Gander the day before last. CB has been warning the island residents of their arrival for weeks “if you see 2 ladies that are all hair yelling everything at each other because they are hard of hearing, that’ll be them! Just make sure they get home alive” I’m sure they’ll appreciate that description.. pretty accurate though! They were only here for about 20 minutes before they were out around the house with a drink in hand, picking the millions of blueberries that grow around our trailer. We have about a gallon in the fridge now!

We have been out trawling the beach for treasures like starfish skeletons and limpets that look like eyeballs. We have been to craft shops and looked at art and quilts and muttens. We’ve gone to visit pigs at Winstons little farm plot, (I fed one of them blueberries! And named him Blueberry! And the other one I called Bucket, because he was eating a bucket..) We have eaten softserve while watching caribous, and we have drank all the rum. Its all gone. No more in Newfoundland, sorry. Oops.


Last night Carol and Arlene made us Boiled dinner, a special down home meal from Cape Breton that is very similar to the Jigg’s Dinner. Its salt beef (corned beef) boiled, and then drained. Clean water is added, so its not so salty, and into that nice broth you add cabbage, turnip, carrots and potato. Its SO GODDAMN GOOD. The vegetables are all perfectly soft and taste buttery and salty. Deeeeeamn son! We ate it with some mustard pickles, and the sweet vinegar taste was so good with the salty butteriness of the veg.. oh baby.. yeah.. its like.. yeah.. its good. Love food, right there.


Good morning! This is some bakeapple jam on toast, yummm. They are also called cloudberries, they grow in marshy areas in northern climates and are very hard to pick because they grow in papery leaves you have to shuck off of them, making them rare and expensive. Totally worth it though, the berries are the colour of sunset and they taste like.. a little bit funky and its a good thing!





Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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