Movin’ House



Bye bye Dump Trailer, we will miss you. We will miss the way your doors routinely fell off, while I was trying to take a glass of very cold water into the bedroom and the door and water ended up on me. We will miss the holes in the floor that let the weather and spiders (and millions of that spiders babies!) inside. It was like having a little window on the floor into nature, that you could never close! Exciting! We missed the way that when it was 10 degrees outside, it was 10 degrees inside. We will miss.. actually I will miss the trailer, it was pretty great. Except in winter.. now we wont freeze to death because WE MOVED INTO A REAL LIFE HOUSE!

That’s it up there, isnt it THE MOST CUTE EVER. Its small, and warm, and its only been one day and it already looks like we have been living here for years. I have had the best couple of sleeps of the last year here so far. The bed is comfortable and I’m not waking up cold, bleary eyed and croaking with rage, standing up only to fall directly into the wall because my legs have been numb all night. MY ENTIRE LEGS. Yeah that wasnt a great bed. Now we have a normal bed! I feel like a different person.

PS its only 8am and I am posting this as soon as I woke up because my mom wants pictures of the new house ASAP. C’mon mom, let me show you around. The Grand Tour..


The entry, guarded by our little fat driftwood, Bernie. Guardwood extraordinaire.


Wooden puffin gargoyles guard up above. So our security system is pretty state of the art.


This is the little white shed that CB can keep his motorcycle safe inside over the harsh winter months. He is happy his motorcycle wont be blown away.


A bit of the view.


I have already done 6 loads of laundry because it’s so insanely windy here the clothes dry in 20 minutes. And they are super soft, and fluffy and smell amazing. I love hanging the clothes on the line, its deeply satisfying to me.


This picture is sideways and Im too sleepy to fix it because I just woke up but you can figure out it means I HAVE RASPBERRY BUSHES! They are mostly done for the time being though. Still tasty though.


Old water pump lawn decorations.




Taking a peek into the “greenhouse”. The last tenants, two guys from the kitchen who have gone on to other kitchens since, started growing tomatoes in the spring. It has two little blushing babies and a lot of flowers so hopefully soon our friend Amanda, the tomotoes mum, will get a jar of pasta sauce.


This is our backyard, facing the ocean. That long strip of garden is potato plants grown by one Mr. Walter John. We are already devising schemes of trading baked goods for potatoes!


Big Red Barn.


I’m wondering if I like Nettle soup, because there is a lot of it here.



We have a flagpole and while hanging CB’s underthings on the line I was contemplating how much the joy of hanging a pair of his underpants on the flagpole would outweigh the effort and furious anger of it….. I didnt do it. But, flags!


This is possibly the coolest part. So here, people used to rely on root cellars to store their food over the winter. They are little rooms dug into the hills that you would line with bins of potatoes, jars of caribou meat etc, and it would stay cold all winter. Walter John showed it to us and it took CB all of our 10 seconds because he had removed the heavy stones, removed the wooden top and crawled down the rickety ladder into the dark little hole. I did not go in.

It was covered in centipedes. It was the place serial killers hide their bodies. It was the stuff of nightmares. CB was like a 6 year old boy though, and is thinking of making Walter John new potato boxes, because they are falling apart inside. Then he can use it again for his taters.n


Fluffy Fistles.


The harbour, looking out to the islands.


Downed telephone poles Walter John is very proud of. He is saving them for a special project.


Freshly mowed lawn. Yes dad, I will rake it up..


The sheds, and the hill of the root cellar.


I found a bit of Christmas hiding in a bush.


White wood siding and blue trimmed windows covered in sunshine are just about the nicest sight in the whole world.




My nan’s timer, presiding over the kitchen with it’s clockwork efficiency.


Tea time for me time.

IMG_8611My plane.

IMG_8612Cookbooks on the shelves.


We managed to wrangle the desk CB rescued and remade for me to the new house.


Love this laundry peg bin.


This reminded me that it was just about time for one of those. This is where I stopped taking pictures. We spent the night eating fried chicken and watching Cosmos, laying on the floor of the living room.  Yeah, it’s gonna be good here.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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