Wild Blueberry Pie




‘If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.’ – Carl Sagan

Oh SRY did I just BLOW UR MIND!? Science!!

Pie & coffee for breakfast on a sunny September morning. Yes.. yes that’ll do nicely. Thanks.

There’s something about this house that makes me want to bake pies.. and banana bread.. and paint landscapes in thick smears of oil paint like Bob Ross. Paint a happy little tree.. and then some friends, because Bob couldn’t stand a lonely tree. What a blessing of a human being he was. An angel in an afro. It makes me want to pin up laundry on the line, and DO THE DISHES. It makes me want to get up unnecessarily early just to lounge around having long chats over coffee with CB. I think this house is making us relaxed and happy.. strange how a house can do that. Its got a good spirit to it.


Yorm. I took these pictures this morning– out on the deck (or “bridge, they say here) in my owl nightie trying to find the perfect spot of sun that will light up the blueberries just so. And then I ate it! While CB made a lovely omelette breakfast, I was stuffing my face until it was blue. And then I ate another piece.. and now it’s night time, Im home from work, dinner is in the oven AND IM EATING ANOTHER PIECE! This time with a beer, which is hitting the spot just as accurately.

I am such a rascal, ho ho ho. Oh what am I going to do with me!


I made blueberry because I had a bucket of’em that Carol and Arlene picked when they were visiting and they were on their last legs. So I rinsed out the leaves, picked out the fuzzy ones, and scared away the caterpillar (I’m pretty sure I did anyway.. 99% sure.. there may actually be a small caterpillar in this pie…. Im sure there’s not!!!) and then I made a pie.

Next time it’ll be apple though, because Im craving cheddar cheese melted over a slice of apple pie. I was born in the wrong era.




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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