Dirty Little Monkey



Days off are the best. CB have been very much enjoying them. Sleeping in, breakfast out, daytime naps, cleaning, and cooking nice foods! On sunday night I had a few of the girls from work over for a fancy dinner party; mac’n’cheese and donair egg rolls, with a Dunkaroo’s for an amuse bouche. Shannon brought this addictive dessert. And everyone showed up with so much wine and pop and chips and mozza sticks it was awesome! We laughed, we farted, we ate too much, we almost fought each other, I accidentally shot off the bb gun into the cupboards at some point.. yeah it was fun!

At one point we were outside visiting Amanda’s tomato plant, Humphrey, and I HAD to show them this creepy fucking thing I found in the shed here:



This damn dirty ape sitting in the corner wearing a pair of iridescent women’s underpants, looking like he has Seen Some Shit. Holy god, the first time I opened the door to the shed I yelped when I saw this. So there we all are, standing on my lawn at dusk, drinking our drinks, and I show them this monkey. Someone dares Shannon to see what’s under the panties.. and Im thinking.. this is how the horror movie starts. Group of friends having a good time, find this creepy monkey in the shed, and disturb the slumber of this freaky murder monkey. One by one it kills us all in various horrifying and ironic ways. BAHHHH!

Seriously though.. what the fuck.


CB found this cool shell in the other shed. Im pretty sure there’s a giant spider in it.


Pretty butterfly.


Humphrey’s got bright red babies!!


The ocean is SUPER blue today!


Sunshine on siding is nice.


Quilty quilts.


Oh I forgot to show you! When Arlene and Carol were here, Carol gave me this little doll! She said she reminded her of me, and I like to think shes a little detective.


Made a salad with the watermelon rind pickles I made a few weeks ago. It is pretty sweet, but cronchy and nice.


CB just hollered for me to come see these little fatties having a dust bath by our car. Oh little cutie birds, how I love you!

Okay goodbye now!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

4 thoughts on “Dirty Little Monkey”

  1. I don’t know if it makes it any less horrifying, but I don’t think they’re women’s underpants, I think it’s a bikini bottom. So maybe it’s not underdressed, but getting ready for some topless sunbathing?

    1. Bikini bottoms. Okay, now I see him as one of those weird guys who show up at public parks wearing only iridescent banana hammocks and do yogo for hours like its totally natural.. dont know if thats better than an evil voodoo monkey or not..

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