Fancy Drinks


When we were littler, and visiting my Nan and Bapa, we would be called to dinner by the sound of the dinner bell. It was small and brass and hung on the stairs and when we heard that bell we knew to stop burning the poor ants and come a-running! Usually the first bell meant for us to set the table while my Bapa made us fancy drinks. When we were small it was a glass of gingerale glowing pink with marachino cherry juice, a cherry on a small plastic sword, and sometimes an umbrella if we were being really fancy. As I got older, it started included a splash of wine maybe.. it was nice.


The ladies left a whole bunch of white wine from my Mac’n’Cheese party the other night so I thought meh, why not make myself a fancy drink. No cherry juice or plastic swords so it lacked in any kind of elegance. It was refreshing though!


CB made dinner of chicken baked in this awesome hot sauce & butter mix.. garlicy lentils, and my watermelon pickle rind salad. It was so nice. We have been eating like a bunch of Fats On A Rampage lately so it was nice to show our bodies what fibre is. And its awesome power of pooping! Bahh!



And then, too quickly, our days off together were over. It was time for a peppermint tea and a flip through my new book on French pastry while the smell of baking banana bread filled the house . Which is amazing by the way, I recommend it, its all the basics but sometimes its nice to brush on on the basics.

It was hard to sleep because our bedroom smelled of freshly baked banana bread. I dreamed about hugging my dog.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

3 thoughts on “Fancy Drinks”

  1. If only I loved fibre as much as I love fats. Pooping is great, it means you can eat more! Moar!

    I love the idea of a dinner bell. I get annoyed when I’m cooking, dinner is ready and everyone else is too busy to come to eat. I’d get a gong thought that rattles your core when it sounds. If you want me to stop banging the gong, you better come get your dinner.

    For some reason my reader keeps unfollowing you so if you get messages that I’m following you (again), that’s why.

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