The Witch’s Hat Church



This is my favourite structure in all of Newfoundland. I call it the Witch’s Hat. To me, it is heart acheingly handsome.

It sits by the sea, but at the very edge, flirting dangerously with disaster. Time, and wind, and waves are in competition with one another for this lovely prize. Greedily pulling at this beautiful skeleton, hoping to keep its bleached white bones for their own. Long gone is it’s little white cross that stood atop the steeple, slurped and sucked into the ocean. OH I wish it were mine!



The town dearly loved this church and the evidence is in the details. Every surface is embellished with simple carving echoing it’s surroundings. The gingerbread edging making a pattern of waves around the roof, and the modest steeple is clad in rounded wooden tiles like fish scales. The steeple is still showing off its blood red paint but now the tip is bent and it looks like a witch’s hat– which is very apt considering the steeple is a pagan symbol. I couldnt get the proper angle in a picture, but when you are driving by the church the tip is VERY bent, and really does look like a its wearing a halloween costume.



I even love its ladder. How beautiful is that! Not a single thing is straight on this old building anymore.. it looks like an AJ Casson painting, after he’d had a couple too many. Its kind of wavering, and starting to lean on itself like it’s getting tired of standing around waiting for its congregation to come back.


I snuck up closer, and saw a window was broken. It was about 7 feet off the ground so I couldnt peek in, so I poked the lens of the camera in to do some clandestine investigation..


Look! Look what’s inside! Beautiful dark wood arches and windows and white washed pillars docorated with a kind of chevron pattern. Yeah so the floor is a little droopy.. like Im looking at this picture through a funhouse mirror.. but that just adds to the charm! Im sure you can uhhh buff that out!



And it seems there’s wire ropes slung through it like a goddamn spiderweb to keep the walls standing up.. okay maybe its a bit more than a fixer upper. Im still in love.

So there you have it.. my dream house. If I weren’t so poor I would buy it and lacquer it with 10 tonnes of shellac, like you do to keep your halloween pumpkins from rotting, so I can keep it forever just how it is!







Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

5 thoughts on “The Witch’s Hat Church”

  1. What a great story. I hope you get your dream house. I wonder why they chose to paint the steeple red. It seems an unlikely color choice. Do you know what the tiny white fence was surrounding?

  2. Kara–This is wonderful and your descriptions and writing are superb!!!!!!super great. I, too, love this lovely church by the water. You should send this to McLeans or the newspaper or some where special. Maybe someone will try to save it forever. Maybe the weather network in Oakville will put your pictures on their whatever,and tell people where to read your blog. Anyway. I just loved it!!!even more than some of your others. Love, Gram

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