Road Trip



I should be sleeping but I wanted to put up some pics from my trip to Bonavista on thursday. We were doing an event with work at an outdoor food festival, taking place in Bonavista. Its BEAUTIFUL there and I wish I had time to take more pictures. I’m already planning to go back with CB, maybe on the motorcycle in the spring, so he can see it. If you ever get the chance to visit Newfoundland, you should definitely spend a few days there.

That first picture was taken at 7 in the morning while I was out having a coffee in front of work, having just loaded up the truck. I was wondering what those clouds were going to be an omen of.. good day, or rainy day..



On the ferry! I snuck up to the top deck to look out over the water. Look at this dingy!


Very calm seas today. Never seen it calm enough to reflect the clouds like that before!



Coming into Bonavista. The main road in has a cemetery on either side, a little church and their awesome blue spidery water tower. Its kind of an odd sight!


THE TUB!!! I couldnt wait to get finished with the event so I could get a soak in before bed.



View from out front of the B&B. I had never stayed at a B&B before. I probably would never have booked it on my own, thinking hanging out with other people in their house would be weird and awkard. It was SO lovely though, and the brother and sister were running it after their parents had run it for 20 years or something, in their grandparents 162 year old house. They were so sweet, and effortlessly friendly. We traded recipes!




I like this little blue house.


We went out to check out the famous Bonavista Social Club. It was beautiful, their pizza was delicious, and I was so deeply jealous of their set up and wood fired oven. Gahhhhhh.. what a spot!



Little red shed, and darkening clouds.


This is going up to the Sealers Memorial in Elliston on a particularly dramatic day.







Saddest statue ever.

IMG_8803I think this is called a gulch?


View out the window of the B&B.


Some culinary school students helping us at the event. They are flaking salt cod! And concentrating very hard.


Elliston, root cellar capital of the world!


The beach on Elliston, very prettttyy




Last picture of the trip. I wish I had the energy in me to write more but Im bushed and I just wanted to get these up so you could see them, mom. Im gonna finish my beer and go to sleep!




The pier, waiting for the ferry home.




I love how this construction site has to have life preservers.


IMG_8865 Presents from The Big Grocery Store in Town– SPICY PEPPERS FOR CB! He is going to be so spicyyyy..




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I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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