Now have a look here now at this sweet potato. It’s done gone got itself all sprouted up!

Rummaging around in the cupboard for hot sauce, my hand fanned across what felt like tiny alien’s fingers. It was disturbing until I brought the culprit into the light and discovered its totally awesome beautiousness! Look at that. Rust orange flesh and delicate pink-purple sprouts. I mean.. its kind of ruined, but its kind of worth it. I ran around taking an impromptu photoshoot of my new glamourous spud.



Nature, you’re hot.



Also I bought this cabbage.

Cabbages are such nice things.

Fall comes and all I want to do is stay in bed and eat is cabbage rolls. Still havent found the time to make them though. I have a lonely package of sausage in the fridge, some beefy beef, and cans of tomatoes in the cupboard all raring to go.

Oh, also I found this wishbone on top of the stove. I thought I would place it gingerly atop my head of cabbage and take a picture for posterity. CB must have saved it for me. How good is that.. knowing my penchant for wish things, and keeping it for me. Once I wanted to make a list of all the things people wished on, because it would be a collection of the most beautiful stuff. Cracking a wish bones, shooting stars, blowing dandelion tufts into the wind, birthday candles, sticky stray eyelashes, tossing coins into fountains, ladybugs landing on you, 11:11, four leaf clovers! Theres probably a million others, but those are ones I grew up with. I think probably I have made a thousand wishes. If wishes were horses then.. Id need a lot of hay I suppose. You would think I would be really great at wishes by now, with all the practice. My wish would be this perfect little morsel of desire expressed succintly into a dandelion’s seed parachute and blown into the wind in a mist of my spittle. But no, I mostly wish for cake. EVERY DAMN TIME its all I can think of. Cake.

I threw the sprouted sweet potato out back over the hill and made a wish. I’m not going to tell you what it is though.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Spuddle”

  1. I think that sweet potato would grant you the kind of wish that turns out to be exactly what you asked for but somehow ends up ruining your life, evil-genie style.

    Is that blue a wall in your house?It’s awesome!!!

    1. Hmm that sounds like the plot in one of the books from my new childrens horror story series!

      And yes, thats the wall in my house and oddly enough we had the SAME colour at the last place we lived, in the living room. It must have been on sale here, its awesome.

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