Lost Adventures


Last days off CB and I took off to explore Olivers Cove, which is just about as good as it gets for Scenic Ocean Vistas. The lighting was perfect and the air was clear and crisp, the sun was out and the waves were spraying gorgeous splashes of seafoam and glinting rainbows in the afternoon light–and I forgot my fucking camera. Naturally. So CB took a couple of pictures on his phone, but it doesnt due justice to the insane loveliness of the place.

We did a bit of offroading on his Honda, with me shreiking every 12 seconds because the shocks do nothing for a poor defenseless pillion, such as myself. So many bumps. But we didnt go into the ocean, so we did well. I found some berries on the ground, and ate them!


Obligatory lobster trap pic for my mum. I dont know why these always remind me of her. Mum when I come for christmas, do you want me to steal you one of these? I can fill it with lobsters and you can put it on the front lawn like an ornament! Put a bunch of gnomes around it! PUT THE GNOMES INSIDE IT!

The neighbors will appreciate it.


Rocky rocks.


The week BEFORE that I also forgot my camera, and we were out at Winstons, having a peek at his piggies. These guys are for eating but it didnt stop me from naming it. The black one was Bucket, because he starting eating a bucket. The one beside him there, that’s Blueberry– because I fed him some blueberries! And the one you can barely make out in the back, thats Naptime, because ya know.. he was mostly just sleeping. Really they should have all been names Mud, as it was their most distinguishing feature. They’re all Bacon now!




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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