Blast From The Past


“This photograph shows the family with the delivery wagon for the Dairy. From left to right: Rand, Percy on the wagon with Robert (Bert) and in front, Babe, Mrs. Lucy and Mr. Bob, holding the horse.”

My dad’s side of the family used to own a dairy and I loved hearing my family talk about it when I was a kid. I liked to imagine how it evolved from my great great grandpappy being a milkman, delivering glass bottle of that creamy white goodness with horse and wagon to decades later, my little baby Dad selling people hotdogs and cigarettes in the 1970s. “Back in my day, you could get a chocolate bar for FIVE CENTS!”

I especially enjoyed imagining my evil genius dad collecting the choicest baseball cards from every pack they got in, all while slurping away on Endless Ice Cream Cones”™ that he kept in the freezer. Munching away, and adding a scoop on when necessary. Tiger tail being his favourite. He also SWEARS he met Tanya Roberts there once, but I think he was just daydreaming. I can just imagine my aunty Pat working the counter with giant earrings and the most make up, fantasizing that she’s Trixie Beldon, breaking all the hearts. My aunty Chris has the most stories but for some reason I cant remember any of them, damn it! I will have to get a new lot when I go visiting at Christmastime. PREP YOUR KETTLE NOW, AUNTY C! I wish she would write her stories down because it would make such a good sitcom! And in my teens I was so jealous of stories of how my Uncle Mike amassed MOST ultimate record collection after they turned the toy store into a record store. And how my Uncle Dave, the youngest, always got away with NOT sweeping or doing any chores. The RASCALL!

Anyway, I was just dicking around online and found this picture. I guess its from maybe the 1920’s? My gram has a few pictures from the old store.. some coke memorabilia and HOPEFULLY still has the milkshake machine.

Gram, do you recognize any of these folks? “Bert” seems familiar. Is that my little baby great grandpa? Having a look at Mrs. Lucy i see where I get my shoulders, wowza!



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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