Foggy Bogtimes


There was supposed to be a hurricane passing over us today. Its kind of been the opposite of a hurricane. I even moved my pumpkin inside so it didn’t blow away but it was pretty hurricaneless. Warm, mild, little wind on an island with almost relentless wind everyday. This morning I woke up and out the window it was just gray. Like there was nothing out there. So foggy. GONZALOOOO! I took some pictures on my walk to work. That first picture is the door on my favourite church, it always looks like an oil painting to me.


The dark skies and wet ground makes all the fall colors look so vibrant.


BLAMMO! Bloobs! Red and blue! Pop pop in your eyeballs!


This is one of my favourite spots. An old cemetery on the edge of the ocean. And a spot of dramatic bog that I like to imagine Ophelia napping in whenever I pass by. In the winter I always fantasized about seeing a great white polar bear wandering in off the great drifting ice into the cemetery. White bear, white snow, wandering around the white grave stones. Wandering up to eat my red meaty body, crunching on my white bones. This seems to be a spot where I imagine odd shit.


Love that they’re keeping their wood in an old punt.


At work at last. Peeking over the wooden railing to catch the sun starting to peek out at me. Weird, picturesque day. A looming kind of day.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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