Well, we felt the first snowflakes of the year here yesterday. It was kind of a strange morning, cold and bright. CB was joking about trying to get out on his motorcycle, even if it snowed. We looked out the window and sure enough… So he dropped everything he was doing and raced around getting into his motorcycle gear so he could get on his bike before the snowflakes melted. I watched from the doorway as he sped away into the snow, every one of our neighbors shaking their heads as he passed, and thought.. yup… there he goes.. even in the snow..


Last week I set up a little paint studio in the spare bedroom. Sorry Piss, I will clear it up before you come to visit! Even though I know you’d LOVE my “Sexy Brenda” plastic mug thats keeping my brushes safe.. a parting gift left by the guys when they moved out of this house and we moved in. That and a Sports Illustrated calendar. So thoughtful. I have it on Miss December– its that blonde with all the boobies, and they made her stand in Antarctica for hours in a bikini when the same thing could have been accomplished with photoshop.. poor gal. Such boobies!

Im thinking of doing a Bob Ross. Or atleast starting off Bob Ross and seeing where that takes me.. it may lead to something like if Egon Schiele and Heironymous Bosch fell in love and had a baby who was really into cartoons and cat videos. But ol Bob will be in there, underneath, with his happy little trees and their friends so they dont get lonely. That guy was seriously a fucking angel come to Earth. WE DID NOT DESERVE BOB ROSS.



First snowflakes! Some of them were BIG muther snowflakes! I was like, WATCH OUT NOW! Trying to get the big ones to and in my breakfast Rye & Coke.


CB racing out to get the motorcycle out of the shed before the sun came out and warmed up all the fluffy snowflakes!


DEAD SNOWFLAKE BODIES ON MOTORCYCLE BOOTS. Im really going for it on the capital letters this post, sorry. It seems like Im really amped up but Im just sitting here in my housecoat waiting for our Noodles & Sauce to cook. 5 more minutes.. ugh COOKING.


Sourdough rye and tea for breakfast, lovely. We are both sick over here, so its been very boring foodwise. Mostly just swigs of Buckleys between gulps of snot so.. no good food pics to share. Unless you want to see the mountain of kleenex Im piling up beside the bed, it has a very Close Encounters kind of vibe to it.


Oh also, here is one of the best things about being a grown up. BUYING HALLOWEED CANDY CAPITAL LETTERS AGAIN BUT FOR REAL THIS TIME IM REAL EXCITED. We bought pineapple pop, bags of doritos and KINDER SUPRISE EGGS for every kid! We are going to KILL IT this year! Kinder surprise eggs! Little baby devil me would kiss me. Or get shy and run away. And later come back to break the windows in your basement…

Happy Halloween you little creeps!



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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