Fush and Chups




Hi, it’s me, on my blog.

We’ve been out shopping, which means we have to spend a couple days in the closest, largest town. We make it like a little vacation.. stay in a hotel, eat out, and figure out how to avoid buying anything at Walmart. We always end up there though. Its kind of like a black hole that sucks anything in the vicinity into it. We come out mind-melted like a grilled cheese sandwich, having just fought a dozen ladies for cheap Hanes underwear and bulk bottles of Advil. Needing a nap and a drink.

But look, I had my first espresso based coffee in over a year! It was nice. I hate shopping but it feels awesome to have pants and a winter coat, and some nice blouses. I bought make up for the first time in about 10 years. I put on some nail polish and it made me feel like I was 14. Probably because I got Blood Red and layered gold & blue glitter polish on top… sophisticated lady that I am. We had donair for dinnair, and it gave us both bonairs. Weeeee had fish and chips at the best fish and chip place in CANADA dare I say it, followed by coconut cream pie. Then we laid in our hotel room drinking pop and watching the new Hercules movie with my BFF The Rock, and then that one with the talking monkeys.

It was nice. Work is starting to wind down, and we are in the last stretch. I’m getting excited to go home for christmas!

Also I put another layer on my painting. I also bought a second canvas, not sure what thats going to be yet.

Sleepy now, going to bed, better blog later.





Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Fush and Chups”

    1. Oh man, thanks Hattie. I started following you earlier, after reading about a dozen of your poems. Your writing is amazing. The stuff about your mum made me have to get a cup of tea and have some quiet thinking time.

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