Meet The Newfs; Droolface and Furmonster


We are dogsitting this week, which is a very enjoyable if not totally lazy way to spend a few days. These are some action shots of the dog’s rigorous lifestyle. As you can surmise, they are basically grumbly dog shaped carpets.. of fluffy adorable love. And drool. There is also some drool happening. But we have a towel for that!



This big one I like to call “Handsome Man” or “Move Big Dummy You’re On My Foot!” Or sometimes “OOF” as he bodychecks me into a wall after I tease him, forgetting that he is a 150lb puppy. We have fun!

The other one has an excuse for the excessive naps, she just had both knees replaced and is resting up and healing. After they replaced her crappy old boring bone knees with awesome metal robot knees she is looking so much perkier! She just needs help getting up and so she has to wear this special dog vest with handles on her back and bum, so that we can hold her and pull her up and she can get her balance. She is now very affectionately referred to by us as “The Suitcase Dog”.


The Big Man looking dubiously at me.



Wild times! Paarrrtaaayy. Settle down, you two crazy kids!



So pretty.



They are, the best.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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