Back To Mackerel



We got our grubby mitts on a bag of fresh Atlantic mackerel! Our landlord Mike practically broke down the door to tell us about some fish for sale, $1 each. So we scrambled for my purse handed him cash and he came back a few minutes later with a grocery bag of shiny fresh fishes!

And I was all like.. “holy mackerel.”

Yeah. I SAID IT! I had to, I’m sorry, I had no choice.



Im gonna eat ya little fishies!




Having a bath.



Time to slice and dice.




CB has a very sharp little knife and filleted these in about 3 minutes. It’s pretty straight forward. It looks a bit messy here but it really wasnt. They smelled like clean fresh sea air.




Cut in by the fin.



Swooooop down the spine.











Giver a rinse.



Big stack of tasty dinner flaps.




I love their shimmering bellies and stripey backs.




Salted and fried in a pan with some butter for a couple minutes.




So crispy. Mike told us to splash on some vinegar on and put them in a hot oven for a couple of minutes. It took away that super fishy mackerel taste and just made it really extra delicious! Pro fish tip.




Yum. Now to eat it like CB’s nan always did. On the table with a can of cold peas.




My plate was a bit fancier, I made a salad. For some reason, I have been craving green things.. New York, I’m looking at you…

The meat was light, and flakey, with crispy crunchy skin that tasted like fish french fries. So nice.

Mike promised us a couple of ducks next time he’s out hunting as well. Im looking forward to it, I’m really liking the dark, salty duck meat!





Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

12 thoughts on “Back To Mackerel”

    1. Thats CB slicing them about the guts with his knife! Im the one buzzing around him with a camera, trying to get some sweet disembowelling shots. He’s the photographer, Im the cook..hrm. 3 arms would be cool though. I could give myself awesome high fives. Up high and down low!

  1. Hoo ha, looks the business Madame La! Such an under-utilised wee fishy in a dishy. In my Sydney Fish Market marketing days, part of my job was to create recipes for species that people just don’t think like to eat. This was definitely one of them!

    1. Honestly, they seemed too small to deal with the cheeks and eyes, and they are too oily to make a good stock, so we threw them out :/ Which felt totally wrong. Next time Ill just try a fish stock, maybe it would be good!

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